Saathiya ~ Teri Meri Kahani (Shot 2)

“What are saying Laado?”

“Daadimaa, I have thought about this and this is what I want. I don’t want to live here as a burden on you, Maa and Papa.” Ragini utters with her head down.

Shekhar wasn’t much affected by Ragini’s decision, he was ashamed to even call Ragini his daughter after what she had done.

“I’m sure this woman must’ve said something to you!” Parvati angrily says as she eyes Sharmishta.

“No Daadimaa, Maa didn’t say anything to me, I took this decision myself with my consent.” Ragini utters and defends Sharmishta.

“Laado. . . Why?” Parvati asks as she’s fed up now, she can’t let Ragini move out or all her planned conspiracy would go to waste.

“Daadimaa, I don’t belong here. . . This used to be my house but not anymore. I married Lakshya and went to Maheshwari Mansion but after that, this would only be called my parental house, which I don’t want, I don’t want to be a burden on any of you so I have decided to move out and look for a suitable job.” Ragini explains her decision and looks up to see the reactions.

Shekhar walks out from the hall and Sharmishta looks at Ragini hopelessly while Daadimaa eyes her angrily.

Maheshwari Mansion:

Lakshya had stopped coughing after he had gulped down a whole glass of water, which DP forwarded.

“What happened Lakshya?” Sujata asks while Lakshya gasps for oxygen.

“What is this Papa?! How can you decline my divorce papers and why did the judge not accept them?!” Lakshya raises his tone and looks at DP with anger that is clearly glimpsing from his face.

“And. . . Why the hell are you disowning me and removing me from the property shares? What crime have I actually done other than taking decisions of my life!” Lakshya tells and stands up, closing the file and narrowing his eyes at DP.

“You want to live your life don’t you? That’s why I thought why keep you prisoned? Why not free you from everything! Now good luck Lakshya, work for yourself and your wife and you have 6 months, if you don’t show me 1 Lakh’s of your own hard work, then you would permanently be removed from this property and won’t be able to have any chances to come back but I might let you stay in the house in the corner if you’re ready to work for me. . . Well, I’ll see you in 6 months time. Anyways, good luck and Happy Birthday in advance.” DP says all in one go and stands up, looking at a fuming Lakshya and walks away with a small smirk.

Sujata controls her laughter while Swara and Sanskaar eye each other shockingly.
Lakshya eyes AP, in the hope of help but AP walks away in the direction DP had.

Lakshya looks at RP, who stands up and walks away after wiping his mouth. Swara and Sanskaar stand up and leave silently. Sujata makes a sad face and walks off too, leaving Lakshya completely on his own.

Lakshya clenches his fist and storms into the hall but was stunned seeing two suitcases in the hall.

A frustrated Lakshya approaches them and glances at them, he sighs and closes his eyes to calm his anger.


“Bye Daadimaa.” Ragini says and pulls her rattling suitcase, walking towards the door.

“Laado, listen. . . Don’t leave from here, where would you go?” Parvati worriedly says as she holds Ragini’s hand to stop her.

Ragini stops and looks at Parvati.

“Daadimaa, I don’t want to be burden on you, please let me go.”

Before Parvati could respond, a knock on the door interrupted both of their conversation.

Ragini, who was closer to the door, moved forwards as Parvati let go and opens it.

“There’s a letter for Ms Ragini.” The postman says and forwards the letters.

Ragini takes it and signs the paper, the postman leaves and Ragini looks at the letter, she then opens it and starts reading.

Her eyes widened and she turns to Parvati, upon seeing her reaction, Parvati walks towards her and takes the papers.

“What does this say?” Parvati asks as she looks at Ragini.

“My divorce case appeal is declined.” Ragini says and a small smirk curved up Parvati’s lips.

“What are you saying? Really?” Parvati happily utters and holds Ragini by the shoulder.

“But I don’t want to stay in this relationship.”

“Laado! Are you in your senses, see, this is a sign from God, please don’t be stupid.”

Ragini moves back and holds her suitcase.

“I’m sorry Daadimaa but I have my self respect which I won’t let be crushed in that baseless relationship.” Ragini confidently says and starts walking out with her suitcase, leaving Parvati in slight anger.

Shekhar and Sharmishta were watching.

“Shekhar. . .” Shekhar leaves before Sharmishta could complete.


Ragini was walking out, leaving all her memories behind and getting ready to walk on the new path of her life.

And at the same time, Lakshya was also walking on the road while dragging his luggage with a frown, little did he know this day was coming.


Ragini reaches a place and stops by.

“Is Mr Sharma here?” Ragini asks a lady and the lady directs her.

Ragini walks in that direction with her suitcase she knocks on the door.

A man opens the door and Ragini smiles.

“Mr Sharma, it’s me Ragini, remember I phone you earlier?” Ragini reminds and Mr Sharma puts his glasses on.

“Yes yes, I remember, your house is upstairs.” Mr Sharma says and points at the curved stairs attached to his house.

Ragini looks up and nods while Mr Sharma hands her the keys, Ragini then picks her suitcase up and walks upstairs.

“My new journey and new life will begin from here.” Ragini says to herself as she inhales a deep breath.

The rented house she had chosen was in a very tight area, in which people are wondering about everyday. This area is less classy than her Baari but she knew she would find her identity in this colony.

As Ragini opened the door, she stared at the house and entered inside a dark and dirty hall which was covered in cobwebs.

Ragini coughed but held her nose with her dupatta and dragged her suitcase inside, placing it on the side. She rotated as she glanced around the whole hall, understanding the situation.


Lakshya was homeless, he had no place to go, every phone call he made was useless.

“This is all your fault! I shouldn’t have listened to you and made that decision! Now I’m rotting and that is all because of you! You said Swara still loved me, but I saw her love today! She doesn’t even care about me and I won’t forget this day! I will come back to kick you out! Watch how I will make a comeback in 6 month! Be grateful I’m not present there or else. . . Urghh! Ragini was a little better than Swara, if this happened in front of her, she would’ve took my stand instantly but that Swara! She doesn’t give a damn and stop taking her side! You can see and so can I, I know it hurts but Swara is in love with Sanskaar now! Did you see how happily they were going to get married?! Deal with the fact and now I know how this world is! Full of fake people!” Lakshya angrily shouts all in one go and disconnects the call.

While walking, he puts his foot on the rock which skids forwards, making Lakshya lose his balance and he slowly falls onto the floor. Giving up, Lakshya closes his eyes.


“What are you saying? Someone is filling Lakshya’s ears?” Parvati gasps as she speaks on the phone.

Her eyes widen and she places her palm on her lips.

“I totally agree with you, you did the right thing by making that decision.” Parvati agrees after moving her hand away.

She disconnects the call and stares into space.

“Lakshya is also out from the house, I’m sure there must be a lot of planning done before this step was taken.” Parvati consoles herself before leaving her room.

Maheshwari Mansion:

“Ji, what do you think? Did Bhaisa take the right decision?” Sujata asks as she walks towards RP, who was walking out from the washroom, drying his face with the towel.

“If Bhaisa took this decision then he must’ve thought about it and there must be a reason behind it.” RP says and throws the towel on the bed while Sujata starts thinking.

“Ji, should we be happy or upset?” Sujata asks and RP glares at her.

“Are there any reasons to show happiness?”

“N. . .No, I meant that if Bhaisa is happy then should we encourage him or just show how upset we are that Lakshya left?” Sujata says and RP shakes his head after shrugging.

“Mom. . . Dad, Bade Papa has called you downstairs in the hall.” Swara utters, who knocks and grabs their attention.

“Hmm, we will come!” Sujata, who was irked by Swara, utters and twists her lips, looking away.

Swara turns and starts walking away.

“Doesn’t Swara have self respect? She’s still here Ji and my son hasn’t even married her in front of the society! What will they say? That you’ve kept an unmarried girl with your son before the marriage?! Above that, we will be taunted of having an Bengali Bahu.” Sujata lashes out to RP, which was heard by Swara.

“Sujata! Shush! She will hear!” RP whispery utters as he glares at Sujata.

“Let her hear Ji, even she should know what I feel! And I hope she values my feelings and leaves from this house before people make up rumours.” Sujata loudly utters in order for Swara to hear.

Swara’s eyes moist, she takes a deep breath and looks up but is shocked to see Sanskaar standing with clenched fist. Sanskaar moves forward but Swara grabs his hand and stops him, he looks at her and she nods her head.


“Hello, Vish. . .” The phone disconnected and Lakshya gritted his teeth in anger.

“All of them are fake! Just because I don’t have any money in my pocket, they don’t want my friendship!” Lakshya frustrated sighs and continues wiping his face in a public toilet.

He walks out with his suitcase, hungry and tired.

“Oh god, I beg you mercy, never give a father like Durga Prasad to anyone.” Lakshya prays and slowly walks, he could feel his tummy rumble and legs weaken, hunger was making him weaker and weaker at this extent that he couldn’t stand on his feet.

“Bhaiyya, can you give me one water bottle please.” A familiar voice reached Lakshya’s ears and he turned to the side.

An unknown small smile curved up his lips but in no time, it disappeared after the past flashes in front of him.

Lakshya turns away before she could see him.

“Thank you.” She says and pays the man.

“Ragini.” He utters under his breath, thinking what she was doing here.

A strange feeling arose in her as she felt Lakshya say her name, her heart beats skipped a beat and before she could glance around, a small child holds her hand.

“Didi, didi, please help us, we’re hungry.” The child begged and upon seeing its condition, Ragini forwards the water bottle she brought.

“I only have 10 rupees left.” Ragini mummers to herself but she smiled and forwarded the 10 rupees and the child smiled.

“Thank you, may god bless you with all the happiness.” The child blesses and Ragini smiles.

Lakshya slightly turns and looks at the two with the corner of his eyes, hiding his face.

The child called Ragini down and Ragini bends down with a smile.

“Rom rom tera naam pukaare
Ek hue din reain hamare
Hum se hum hi chiin gaye hai
Jab se dekhe hai nainn deewane
Sajda ..” The song plays from the radio, that the vendor had near him.

The child pecks Ragini’s cheek and Ragini’s smile grows, the other children come and do the same.

“Teri kaali ankhiyon se jind meri jaage
Dhadkan se tej daudu, sapno se aagey
Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye” Lakshya looks at Ragini, as her hair flies back and her smile captures him.

“Sang pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun
Sajda tera sajda,
Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon
Sajda tera sajda” His eyes were glued on her face, the way she was smiling and receiving pecks from the Children brought a small smile on his face.

The radio started cracking and after receiving lovely pecks from the children, Ragini stands up and Lakshya comes back to senses, he closes his eyes after instantly turning his remaining face away.

Ragini starts walking away.

“Finally the house is ready and clean for me to use.” Ragini happily says to herself as she walks back to her new home.

Lakshya turns and sees Ragini gone.

“What the hell is wrong with you Lakshya?! Are you stupid?! How can you fall into her trap? No! That’s not innocence on her face, it’s only a sham of goodness. We all seen her true face.” Lakshya curses himself and sighs a deep breath.


As Ragini walks inside her new house, a weak smile curves up her lips.

“I need to find a job soon.” She says to herself and hangs her bag on a hook near the door.

Before she could proceed any further, a knock on the door stops her and she turns.

“Hi, I’m Karthik Sharma.” The person introduces and is Karthik Sharma (Played by Mayur Verma), Mr Sharma’s son.

“Hi.” Ragini nervously utters and looks down, playing with her scarf.

Karthik releases a laugh, which confuses Ragini and she looks up at him.

“I’m sorry, the thing is that I thought it would be an old aunty here so my duty was to evacuate for her so. . .” Karthik utters but stops as he’s feeling embarrassed to what he will utter to complete.

“So you could party with your friends and drink secretly?” Ragini complete with a question.

Karthik worrying smiles as that’s what he does up here.

“I’m sorry but I threw all your bottles out in the dustbin, including the new ones. But. . . Are you going to kick me out?”

Karthik slightly chuckles, “Nope, not at all, you seem like a safe girl because you haven’t complained to Papa yet.” Karthik utters with a small smile as he looks at her.

Ragini avoids his eye contact and curves a small fake smile.

“Okay, I’ll hopefully catch you later, enjoy.” Karthik says and turns but stops.

“Your name. . .?” Karthik asks and turns to her.

“Ragini.” Ragini says as she looks at him and he smiles before walking out.

“Ragini.” He utters to himself as he walks down with a smile.

Ragini closes the door and inhales a deep breath.

“What are you doing Ragini? You should be less nervous and more confident while people are around.” Ragini explains to herself and walks further in.


“Yes uncle, I have no place to go.” Lakshya mummers to himself as he gasps for oxygen.

Soon his phone buzzed and he instantly took it out from his pocket, eyeing it.

“Go to your Dad’s birth house, I have put the keys in your suitcase and I’ll send the address.” Lakshya reads out and soon receives another message which has the address.

“I love you for this Swara.” Lakshya kisses his phone and stands up from the beck.

“What happened?” The uncle he was talking to asks.

“Swara sent me an address where she said I could stay, so I’m just going there now, thank you for the company.” Lakshya thanks and starts walking away while rolling his suitcase.

After few minutes and by asking for help, he finally is standing in front of his father’s birth place and ex-house.

“Eeee! The Durga Prasad Maheshwari took birth and lived in this small house?” Lakshya utters and chuckles make their way up and he had no choice but to release it.

It was a singular house with no top house on top. Lakshya zipped his suitcase after finding the keys and started to open the lock.

As the click sound reached his ears, he grasped on the lock and pulled it off, he then pushed the door open. It was spread with dust, dirt and darkness.

Lakshya covered his nose and mouth with his palm to stop the smell reaching him otherwise he knew he would puke.

“Don’t tell me I have to clean this. . .” Lakshya utters in his head and rolls his eyes while looking at the condition of the house.


“What type of jobs can I do?” Ragini utters and starts thinking.

“First I need to list what I like doing.” Ragini says and starts listing on the paper.

“Music, singing, dancing and teaching.” Ragini lists as she mummers to herself.

She then stares at the options, starting to think what to do.

“Why not teach music?” Ragini asks herself after thinking and nods.

“Music it is.” Ragini smiles confidently as she circles the option ‘Music’ and ‘Teaching’.


On the other side, Lakshya stands outside his house, standing and eating apple while few workers walk out.

“All done sir.” They utter and Lakshya smiles.

“Here you go.” Lakshya utters and hands them 100 rupees.

The workers take it and leave from there, Lakshya enters and sees his new house neat and clean.


As Lakshya enters the house, his eyes close and yet again his phone buzzes, he steps out of the house and reads the message.

“In your front pocket of your suitcase, I have left 500 rupees and have called the workers, they will be there and give them 100 rupees.” Lakshya reads in his head and a smile appears on his face.

“Thanks a lot Swara, why is she doing this for me?” Lakshya thinks with a smile.

End of Flashback.

“If it wasn’t for Swara then I would’ve been dying on the roads.” Lakshya sighs a relief with a smile.

Maheshwari Mansion:

“No one will help Lakshya and if they do then they will have to leave this house as well.” DP clears as he glances at each and every member.

All of them shake their heads positively and look down, just then Swara’s phone buzzes and she reads the message.

“Thanks.” She then looks up confusingly upon reading Lakshya’s message.

“Why is Lakshya saying thanks to me?” Swara asks herself.

“And if I get a single clue that anyone of you is helping Lakshya then I won’t wait for explanation, I will remove you out of everything and send you to your Lakshya!” DP warns and walks away.

Sujata makes faces while Swara and Sanskaar look at each other, AP walks away, following DP.

Sujata walks past Swara without looking at her and RP walks off in a different direction.

Swara unlocks her phone and presses on Lakshya’s message, she reads only his Thank you and looks at Sanskaar, who eyes her confusingly. Swara locks her phone and looks at him.

“Sanskaar, I have decided that I will move to Baari.” Swara says, which shocks Sanskaar.

“B. . . But why Swara? This decision all of a sudden?” Sanskaar asks and Swara looks down.

“How can I live here Sanskaar and with what rights?” Swara sadly utters and turns to the side.

“Swara, you’re my wife and with that right, you’re staying here. Don’t take Mom’s words to heart, you know how she is, you’re this family’s Bahu and no one can change this fact.” Sanskaar assures and side hugs Swara.

Swara nods with a small smile and hugs him back, Sujata, who was looking twists her lips and walks off.


Lakshya, who was sleeping sits up after hearing an knock.

“Who actually bothers paying a visit in this?” Lakshya yawns and stands up, stretching his arms.

He opens the door and opens his sleepy eyes.

“Sir, for you.” A boy utters and forwards a bag, Lakshya takes it and the boy leaves.

Before moving back in, Lakshya’s eye move up and he stops as soon as he sees Ragini and Karthik talking.

“Ragini? What is she doing here?” Lakshya asks himself and continues looking.

“How are you?” Karthik smiles.

“I’m fine, you?” Ragini asks and looks up at him, gathering courage.

“I’m good.” Karthik responds.

“Do you know if there are any schools nearby?” Ragini asks and Karthik nods.

“There’s Rama Naketen Jr School, just 10 minutes away.” Karthik says while pointing.

Ragini smiles with a hope.

“Can you please take me there?” Ragini requests.

“Why? Are you planning to go to school in this age?” Karthik asks and chuckles while Ragini slightly giggles.

“Nope, I’m thinking to do a job there if there’s any vacancy.” Ragini says as the two look at each other.

“Ohhh. Of course I’ll take you.” Karthik says and Ragini smiles.

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure.” Karthik says and Ragini turns to go inside but her foot slips and she falls back.

Lakshya reacts and forwards his hand but Karthik holds her on time, saving her from falling.

Ragini’s heart beats fast out of fear and she looks at Karthik while Karthik looks at her.

Lakshya eyes the two and raises one of his eyebrow as he secretly looks at them from his house.

Both start laughing, confusing Lakshya. Karthik makes Ragini stand and Ragini stops laughing.

“I’m sorry.” Ragini utters and Karthik shakes his head.

“No need, it’s not your fault but this bricks fault.” Karthik utters and looks down at the brick Ragini slipped on.

“I’ll go get my bag.” Ragini says and walks inside.

Karthik looks to the side with a small smile and Lakshya notices.

Ragini walks out and both Karthik and Ragini walk down. Lakshya shuts the door.

“What is she doing here? And who is HE?” Lakshya asks himself and walks forward.

Lakshya angrily drops the bag on the table and it makes a sound, the bag tilts and a letter falls out.

Lakshya’s eyes land on the letter and he picks it up.

“Lakshya, this is for you, I’m sure you must be hungry, eat something, from Swara.” Lakshya reads and looks at the bag.

“Swara. . . Why will she be helping me if she doesn’t love me?” Lakshya asks himself and thinks.

Lakshya’s phone continuously buzzes, grabbing his attention and he answers it.

“I’m good and why is Swara helping me?” Lakshya asks the other person.

“What? Swara is helping you?” The caller from the other side is saying.

“Yeah, she helped me a lot, she gave me an accommodation to stay in, sent some cleaners to clean it and now sent food.” Lakshya tells and the other person gasps.

“But we’re told not to help you at all, so why is Swara doing this?”

“I don’t know but all I know is that she’s better than you!” Lakshya utters and disconnects the call.


“Ji, who were you talking to?” AP asks as she walks inside with a glass of juice.

DP turns and looks at AP walking inside, he instantly slides his phone in his pocket and holds his head high.

“Some clients.” DP answers and AP forwards the glass of juice with a small smile.

DP grabs it and starts taking sips, AP turns and DP relaxes.

Tan tan tan!!

Shot 2 Ends here.

Up Next – Shot 3 ?

I don’t think it’ll finish in shot 3, maybe Shot 4 will be the last shot and if I feel like adding more spice then Shot 5 will definitely be the last and final shot of this story ?

Sorry for any mistakes and any inconveniences.

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And Epilogue? Ohoooo! I forgot about the epilogue of RLM ? Give me punishment, I deserve punishment ?

Anyways, start making guesses toooooo ?

Title Credit – _Angel_ ?
Cover Credit – MRK (Found it on the internet ?)

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