Saathiya ~ Teri Meri Kahani (Shot 1)

I’m back with few shots on RagLak. . . Enjoy ?

This story will start from after the Malkin track but no Kavya entering and marrying Lakshya, in fact, no marriage track itself but instead, Lakshya shows the papers and kicks Ragini out.

If there are any confusions then do tell me, I’ll clear them. . .

Sorry for any inconvenience and errors . . .


Teri Meri Kahaani – Few Shots ~ Shot 1:

Draped in a blanket, a woman was crying and clenching onto the pillow beneath her.


The woman was none other than Ragini, who was going through bad times. She had freed Lakshya from this baseless marriage of hers after he had tried to kill her, whatever she did was for her love but no one understood her expect her Daadi.

“Daadi Maa, I did whatever you told me to do, I even tried to kill my own sister but Lakshya still doesn’t love me, am I that bad?” Ragini sits up and cries while looking at her Grandma, Parvati.

Parvati walks towards her “Laado, you didn’t do anything wrong, you only fought for your love who Swara stole.” Parvati yet again tried to instigate Ragini.

It had been Parvati who instigated her against Swara and made her do those acts she did previously. Ragini and Sanskaar had decided to let Swara and Lakshya live peacefully but it was Parvati who had poisoned Ragini’s mind.


After the meeting Ragini and Sanskaar had, Sanskaar backed off from all the plans and told Ragini to also move on. Ragini wasn’t sure what she had to do.

Parvati had heard the two and was stunned but then her evil mind played a trick after a phone call, leading her to smirk.

While Ragini was walking back to her room, confused and in mixed emotions, Parvati dragged her into a corner.

Ragini’s eyes widened as she saw her Grandma standing in front of her.

“Will you let that girl take your place? Lakshya is yours and only you have right on him! Not Swara!” Parvati says I’m a soft yet stern voice, making sure no one else can hear.

Ragini was confused, she didn’t know what exactly happened to her Daadimaa.

“Daadimaa, Lakshya doesn’t love me and he’s happy with Swara.” Ragini says and turns.

“I can’t see you cry for lifetime and that too for Lakshya! Swara is taking your happiness away from you, you can’t let that happen Laado, Lakshya is your love and he’s only yours. That najayaz daughter of our family doesn’t deserve to make him unclean!” Parvati uttered in anger and stopped Ragini.

Ragini wasn’t surprised at all with what her Daadimaa had stated right now as she know how much her Daadimaa hates Swara.

Ragini turned at her Daadi and looked at her.

“What else should I do Daadimaa? I have lost Lakshya and after tomorrow, he can never be mine.” Ragini says and tears roll down her cheeks.

“There’s only one way.” Parvati says and walks towards Ragini.

Ragini looks at her. “Get rid of Swara.” Parvati whispers, making Ragini shocked.

“But Daadimaa, Swara is my sister.”

“What type of sister is she? She’s only selfish! Did she see your pain and care for you? No! She happily accepted Lakshya’s proposal so that you could feel pain! Her and her mother have never wanted anyone to be happy! They’re selfish!” Parvati angrily whispered which left Ragini into thoughts.

Parvati slightly smirks.

End of flashback.

“And. . . I even agreed to get Maa kidnapped.” Ragini cries.


Ragini had called Parvati and told her about the situation, then Parvati thought of a plan.

“I’ll kidnap Sharmishta and see how Swara won’t agree!” Parvati evilly says.

“No Daadimaa, please don’t do this.” Ragini gasped.

“Chup kar jaa laado! Nothing is much important than your happiness! I’m doing it.” Parvati says and disconnects the call.

Ragini had no choice but to follow as she knows her Daadimaa wouldn’t listen to her.

End of Flashback.

“Yaha tak I took the whole blame on myself.”

The confession scene flashes in Ragini’s mind and everyone started hating Ragini, she couldn’t stand that but she took the blame alone so her Daadimaa could be safe, then Ragini decided to live a normal life with no more evil shadows hovering around her but little did she know that this time Lakshya betrayed her.

“And, without my acknowledge, you made Papa Ji transfer the whole property on my name.”


“Ragini, the property is yours now.” Parvati revealed as she flashed the papers in front of her eyes.

“What? But Daadimaa, I don’t want the property.”

“Why not Laado, this is the chance to take revenge from that Lakshya!”

“No Daadimaa, I won’t do that.”

Soon Ragini gets a call, she answers it and her finger accidentally slips on the speaker button.

“I heard you got the property!” A voice says.

Ragini and Parvati get confused.

“Who are you?” Ragini asks.

“It doesn’t matter, but if you don’t do as what I say then your Dadaji will lose his life.”

Ragini and Parvati gasp.

“Help!” Deendayal shouts and they could sense the tension he was facing.

“What d. . . Do you want?” Ragini asks as her eyes moist upon hearing her Dada’s condition.

“Mahehswari’s ki barbaadi! You’re the owner right? Now treat them like dirt and if you don’t then your dada ji. . .” The voice warns and just the Deendayal screams in pain.

“Nahi!” Both Parvati and Ragini shout and the phone call ends.

“Please Ladoo, please save your Dadaji, please.” Parvati cries and begs.

Ragini had no choice but to agree and follow what Parvati says.

End of Flashback.

“That Swara stole everything of yours! She had her eyes out on the property, that’s why she’s still stuck with Sanskaar, since he’s the oldest son.” Parvati disgustedly says and Ragini looks at her.

“Please Daadimaa, stop, I don’t want to hear anything anymore.” Ragini says and closes her eyes, allowing her tears to escape.

Parvati stood up as soon as she received a phone call. She walked out of the room while Ragini sobbed and regretted on her previous deeds.

“Ji. . . I’m sorry, I couldn’t do anything as I promised before Ragini and Lakshya’s marriage but this time Lakshya was at fault. Don’t worry, I’ll do something like I did earlier.” Parvati assures and disconnects the call with a small smirk.

The caller had called Parvati the day Ragini decided to let go of Lakshya and had a small deal talk with her which lead Parvati’s evil mind to turn on.

She remembers what she had done to get the ‘deal’ done which was discussed on the call with the caller.


On the day of marriage, Ragini and Swara were going to the temple, as per Parvati’s plan. Ragini agreed and decided to take Swara to the temple but way before, Parvati had slightly cut Swara’s sandals.

Then Swara as Ragini went to the temple, Swara had wore the sandals but didn’t feel anything wrong with them, Ragini was hesitating but Lakshya kept on coming in her mind and then the two walked towards the bridge. Parvati was far off, standing behind the tree and peeking to witness the scene.

“Ab chappal karegi mhara kaam, mhare ko patah hai mhari laado na kar paayegi yoh kaam toh mhare ko karna padah.” Parvati says in her mind and smirks.

Ragini moved her hands forward to push Swara but stopped, she wasn’t feeling right but she breathed and placed her hands on Swara’s shoulders. Swara, who was walking, unknown to the fact that her sandal strap had tore due to the cut and she lost her balance and fell into the river. Assuming Ragini had pushed her.

Ragini gasped and Parvati smirked, Ragini then looks at Swara while Swara was drowning. Words didn’t reach Ragini’s mouth due to the shock and Swara drowned away.

Parvati gets a phone call and answers it.

“Kaam hogaya, Swara is out of your way and my way.” Parvati evilly says and smirks.

“Ji, I will be glad.” Parvati answers and disconnects the call, she then hurriedly rushed before Ragini could see her.

End of Flashback.

“I did everything for my Laado and will always do it for my Laado, no matter what, that Najayaz Swara has to move out of our way! I won’t let her succeed in her mission!” Parvati mummers under her breath and determinedly looks at the screen of her phone.

Maheshwari Mansion:

Lakshya was sitting on his bed, thinking about what had happened.

“Why are everyone blaming me? No one was this angry at Ragini when she did those deeds so why me?!” Lakshya hits his hands on his bed in frustration.

“You did the right thing Lakshya, Ragini wasn’t worth you, you love Swara right? Swara and you were happy together but then that Ragini stole her place and married you! You’re not wrong.” A familiar voice, standing at the door in the dark utters, supporting Lakshya.

“Aap toh rehne hi do, I did what you told me but at the end, it all backfired on me! I hurt Ragini! I used her! I tried to kill her and I even got her to sign the papers! But still everyone is with Ragini!” Lakshya frustratedly shouts but doesn’t feel right after admitting to what he did.

“No Lakshya, you’re not wrong, I’m with you!”

“Only you, but what will that give me? You know, I felt like I really didn’t have to do what you told me to do, if I asked for a divorce then she would’ve gave it.” Lakshya utters and starts engrossing himself in thoughts.

“Who are you fooling Lakshya? She even tried to kill her own sister for YOU! So what made you think she would let you go so easily? At least my plans worked! You and Swara were so happy together but Ragini ruined it for both of you, do you still love Swara?”

The question in the end was the actual question that Lakshya had to ask himself, does he still love Swara? He was asking himself repeatedly and ever since he joined hands with his ‘saviour’. He’s unsure.

“Good night.” Lakshya says and stands up.

The sound of the footsteps were walking away from Laskhya’s ears and he looked at his bed.

“Lakshya Ji, aap itna sote kyu hai?” Ragini’s words tickle his ear drums and the memory projects from his mind as he stares at his lovely bed.

He sighs and closes his eyes, running his hands through his hair, tired and sick of the battle he’s playing with his mind, heart, memories and the questions that pop up out of nowhere.


After successfully getting Ragini’s signatures on the property and divorce papers, he waited until the court had agreed for it and as soon as he received a call to confirm it, he started behaving weird.

“Koi shaadi nahi hogi!” Lakshya shouts in front of everyone in the hall.

“Lakshya, what are you saying?” AP asks.

“The truth, I don’t want to live with this woman and I have already got her out of my life!” Lakshya says and throws the divorce papers on Ragini.

Ragini was left in tears and everyone else were shocked.

“I don’t want to see you anywhere near my house or near my family members! Get out from my life and my house!” Lakshya shouts and walks off.

Ragini had no choice but to leave from Lakshya’s life and move to the Baadi.

Everyone weren’t happy with Lakshya’s decision, thus SwaSan decided not to marry again as well.

End of Flashback.


Morning as the sun rises and the birds tweet.

It was a bright morning in the Baadi and Maheshwari Mansion but was it actually jolly and bright for the residents?


Ragini walks out from the bathroom, drying her hair and dressed in a yellow anarkali suit. She had decided she wouldn’t cry and would simply move on, though it is hard for her but she’s willing to try and make an identity of her own. She was once known as ‘Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari’ but now back to being a ‘Gadodia’, now set to be known as ‘Ragini’ only and not by any of her former or present surnames.

She stands with her chin up, inhaling deep breaths and glances at herself in the mirror. Looking for who she actually is, she noticed her hairline and neck empty and remembers how they were once filled.

“Now starts the journey of Ragini, enough of my tears falling out after being broken and hurt, enough of being selfish and only caring for Lakshya, enough of remembering the horrifying past and regretting. Now I will live my new life with this new form, not as an ex-Maheshwari or as a Gadodia, but only as Ragini.” Ragini says confidently while looking at her image reflecting through the mirror, trying her best to keep up with her new strength that she found yesterday while she drowned into old memories that don’t matter to her anymore.

She picks her stole and pins it to the piece of her dress on the shoulder and walks out from her room.

Maheshwari Mansion:

Lakshya walks down into the hall, all ready and dressed for office and feels everyone’s disappointed gazes on him. He sighs as he looks at each and everyone.

“What?! Is living my own life on my terms with who I want and don’t a sin?” Lakshya frustratedly lashes out and turns to leave.

“Lakshya!” DP walks into the hall with his hands behind his back and stops Lakshya with his stern voice.

Lakshya rolls his eyes and turns, releasing the irritated facial expression.

“Won’t you eat your breakfast and receive your early birthday present?”

“Why are. . .” Lakshya utters but realises what DP had said, it was way out of topic to what his mind was thinking.

“What?” He asked in a gentle yet confused tone.

“Yes, you heard me right, don’t you want to receive your early birthday present and have your breakfast?”

Sujata and RP look at one another in shock and talk with their eyebrows while Swara signs Sanskaar and he shrugs. AP is also confused of DP’s action.

“Why not?” Lakshya pronounces and walks forward, having slight doubt on DP.

DP sways his hand and stops it while the other one was behind his back. Lakshya looks at the direction and sees the dining table.

“What happened to Papa all of a sudden?” Lakshya asks his mind, unable to digest his fathers behaviour at this moment.

“Aao.” Lakshya nods and starts walking forward and everyone follow.

“What happened to Bhaisa?” Sujata whispers.

RP shrugs.

“Something is wrong.” Sujata says and is sure that DP’s mind has thought of an action but doesn’t exactly know what.

Lakshya pulls his chair and takes a seat, DP signs everyone to sit and they follow. Sujata and Lakshya eye DP with suspicion as DP takes a seat.

“Start breakfast.” DP orders.

All yet again follow his orders, DP reaches out for a toast and places it on Lakshya’s plate, surprising everyone, including Lakshya.

“Annapurna, remember I told you to make Gajhar ka halwa, did you make it?”

AP shakes her head positively.

“Lakshya likes Gajhar ka halwa, so go get it for him.” DP says and looks at Lakshya who is finding all this hard to believe.

“Ji, when did the sun rise from the correct side?” Sujata whispers.

“Chup kar Sujata!” RP irritatedly whispers back and Sujata twists her lips.

“Sanskaar, do you know what Bade Papa is up to?” Swara whisper.

“No Swara.” Sanskaar responds as he’s also surprised seeing Bade Papa’s behaviour towards Lakshya.

“What happened Annapurna? Why are you still standing there? Go get the halwa.”

AP slowly nods and walks towards the kitchen.

“Papa, are you okay?” Lakshya asks with a small worried smile.

“Yes, of course, why wouldn’t I be okay?” DP utters and this time softens’s his tone.

Lakshya feels like standing up from the place as it’s too hard for him to see his father behaving like this.

AP walks out with the halwa and brings it closer to Lakshya, she was about to serve it but DP stops her.

“Annapurna, I’ll serve it.” DP says and takes the bowl from AP’s hand.

Lakshya gulps and AP, Sujata, Swara and Sanskaar aren’t able to figure out how to react. DP places the halwa in Lakshya’s plate and signs him to eat it.

Lakshya doesn’t follow.

“Arrey, khao na.” DP says and places the bowl on the table.

“What if he mixed poison in this? No wonder he’s so eager to feed me.” Lakshya says in his mind and now is sure DP has done something with the food.

“Anyways, here’s your early birthday present.” DP says and forwards a file from beneath the table.

Everyone fix their eyes on the black file, Lakshya eyes it suspiciously.

“Happy early birthday present Lakshya.” DP wishes and Lakshya hesitatingly takes it.

“Thanks.” Lakshya nervously smiles and glances around.

DP starts eating while the rest can’t digest the what just happened. Seeing him eat, Lakshya decides to eat so he takes a bite of the halwa, praying for his safety at the same time.

“What if Bhaisa transferred the whole property on Lakshya’s name?” Sujata whispers making everyone, including Lakshya, DP and AP hear.

Swara and Sanskaar look at each other and RP glares at Sujata. Lakshya’s lip curves and he opens the file while taking another bite. Sujata tries peeking but RP looks at her and she moves back with a small worried smile.

The spoon falls out of Lakshya’s mouth while he continues crunching, he flips the papers and scans them, his eyes widen and the morsel of the halwa sticks onto his throat, lacking the air to travel which forces him to start choking.

End of Shot 1

Up Next: Shot 2 ?


What was written on those papers? ?

What do you think DP gifted Lakshya? Is he generous enough to gift the property papers? ?

What was DP behaving different with Lakshya? ?

Who was that mystery person on the phone with Parvati? ?

Who was that person talking to Lakshya? ?

Are the phone person and the person in the dark both linked? ?

And who kidnapped Dadaji? ?

Jot down your answers right below, go on, give it a try, don’t hesitate please. . .


Hiii, I’m back, this idea was running through my mind, way before ‘Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari’ but I never had the chance to jot it down. . .

My behen said go for it so I’m here all thanks to Angel ? Agar eggs and tomatoes marne hai then kindly hit Angel cause she forced me to upload this ?

So, how was it?
Har Harai ke comment karo and tell me what you think of this?

And, I was thinking to do ‘Saathiya’ series, not seasons but something like, different stories on RagLak each time. For instance, this is ‘Saathiya ~ Teri Meri Kahaani’ then after this, I come back with new series like ‘Saathiya ~ Blah Blah Blah’, whats say? Will you all support me?

Saathiya is my tagline just like RagLak ? Do give your opinion on my crazy idea ?

And please don’t hesitate to share your opinion on this story and my idea ?

Love you all ???

Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari is on its way, I’m being honest, I haven’t written it yet ????

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