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Saathiya _Swasan One Shot

In a multi-storey office building…on 6th floor….in a well furnished cabin a lady of mid twenties is working on her laptop….she is wearing a formal dress (formal shirt of white colour with black knee length skirt).she is our Swara Bose…Owner of Bose empire….Company known for the best jewellery designer around the world….she inherited this business after her father’s death…now she is handling it very nicely…Then only her PA miss Julie comes in her cabin with a file….

“Maa’m…this is the file of new designers who are interested in joining our firm”julie said handling file to her boss swara.

After opening the file a smile comes on swara lips…which is unnoticed by julie.Swara shuffled the papers and send back the file to julie.

“Ok…you send the all interviewees one by one…i will take interview myself” swara ordered julie.

After taking permission from swara,julie left her boss cabin…and starts sending interviewees one by one..swara rejected all designers by giving some excuses…now it’s only one interviewee left..

A man of around 28 years entered in swara’s cabin..Without taking permission..He is wearing blue check shirt and black pant…looking hot in his messy hairs..He is Sanskar Maheshwari.

“How dare you to come into my cabin without my permission…just get out and come after asking permission” swara roared.

Sanskar left the cabin making weird faces…and ask again after knocking the door.

“You may come in”swara ordered sanskar while working on her lappy.

“Hey…Sho…”sanskar tried to speak further ….but swara cuts him in middle..

“Miss Swara…call me maa’m…i am your boss..don’t forget Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari.. Is that clear???….okay…you are selected as new designer of our company…you can join from today only”Swara said sternly after handling sanskar his file back.

Julie comes into swara’s cabin again.

“Maa’m …we have to go for business meeting of Jeweller association for new project..but nobody is appointed as new designer..Now how will we get this deal?”julie informed swara worriedly.

“Mr. Maheshwari is appointed as our new designer…he will attend this meeting with us …you just set all papers and file regarding the deal and wait downstairs…i am coming in 10 mins” swara ordered julie..

Julie left after giving smile to sanskar.

Later both sanskar swara entered into the lift for going downstairs…swara is checking her mobile while sanskar is just staring her from head to toe…suddenly lift get stuck…swara immediately hugged sanskar in panic….to which he patted her back to calm her down..later lift start working and stopped on ground floor…swara slightly pushed sanskar and comes out of lift without looking at sanskar…now all 3( swara sanskar julie) are standing at the parking of maheshwari empire waiting for the driver..To which security informed driver is gone to hospital due to the accident of her wife..After examing the situation.

“If swara maa’m don’t have problem..i will drive this that we can reach on time”sanskar indirectly told to swara by telling this to julie

“Okay”swara agreed finding no other way..

Swasanlie reached at meeting on time where sanskar handled meeting very well..his quick designs are liked by all…swara is also impressed with his skills..

At lunch time

“Please meet my son miss swara….he returned from Singapore few days back..Now handling my business..if you don’t have problem i want to fix my son alliance with you” Mr malhotra explained his wish to swara.

“Sorry Mr malhotra…i am not ready for marriage yet” swara answered smilingly and excused herself.

Sanskar who just came there to inform something..gets angry after listening their conversation..And left the venue informing julie that he is waiting in car.

“Maa’m i have to leave soon for some personal work..Mr. sanskar will drop you at home..he is waiting in parking”julie informed swara and left for her work.

Swara comes in parking and sits on back seat..sanskar starts car and drive little rashly to show his anger…their journey ends in silence.

After stopping their car inside the big mansion…sanskar quickly open his side of door and immediately open back door…and picked swara in DDLJ style(on his back)

“Hey you stupid idiot.. leave me”swara shouts punching on sanskar’s back.

But sanskar does not bother and throw the swara in pool inside the mansion..

“How dare you??to push me in pool”Swara said angrily

Sanskar without explaning anything to swara,jumped in pool..and goes near swara..who is standing at the corner inside the pool

“Don’t come near me”swara expressed feeling sanskar coming close to her.

“I missed you so much shona”sanskar whispered in her ear giving goose bumps to swara.

“Just go from here…i don’t know you”swara mumbled without making eye contact to sanskar.

Sanskar then open the top two buttons of swara shirt…and slightly kissed her neck where she adored her mangalsutra…Swara just closed her eyes feeling the kiss.

“I missed you so much my dearest Wifey Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari”Sanskar huskily said meeting swara gaze.

Swara instantly hugged sanskar tightly…feeling her love close to him after 6 months..both are just hugging each other tightly feeling each other after so many time and showing how much they missed each other in these hell six months..which seems to be decade for them..


Now you get time to meet your wifey"Swara complains keeping her arms around sanskar's neck

“Now you get time to meet your wifey”Swara complains keeping her arms around sanskar’s neck.

“You are the only one to send me there…don’t forget wifey”sanskar told kissing swara’s forehead.

(Actually sanskar swara are college friends cum lovers…who had registered marriage…sanskar is orphan but swara belongs to a very reputed and rich family…they married in court in presence on swara’s mom…On the day on their court marriage he left to london…to get expertise in jewellery designing…bcz swara mom wants sanskar to handle boss empires..jewellery designing was sanskar’s hobby too ,so swara insists sanskar to learn it from after completing that sanskar comes back to india after 6 months.Nobody knows about swasan marriage except swara mom and their few friends.)

Both are staring into each other eyes..then sanskar cups her face and closed his lips to her lips…swara closes her eyes feeling the pleasure from his touch…he then start kissing her slowly..both are taking the pegs of kiss.

He is chewing her lips slowly just like a honeybee taking nectar from flower.

Sanskar demands access for entering into her mouth while kissing by pinching her waist…swara opened her mouth welcoming him…now both are kissing each other passionately and enjoying their kiss after so long time…their tongues are fighting with each others…when they are out of oxygen,they broke their kiss breathing heavily…sanskar rests his forehead on her forehead to stabilze their uneven breaths..

“Our Suhagraat is pending jaan”sanskar said naughtly gazing swara.

Swara widen her eyes after listening shameless talk of his husband.

“You are very shameless sanskar”swara told while blushing in darkest shade of pink.

“Now i will show how much shameless i am.. dear wifey”sanskar picked her in bridal style and come out of pool..starts entering inside the mansion in the direction of their celebrate their union.swara mom is not at home she went to her relative house.

Both reach at their room…he carefully make lay her on the bed…then slowly filled the gap by capturing her lips in soft kiss….swara rubs her feet with sanskar’s to give him sensation that she only belongs to him…after having enough from her lips he starts opening remaining buttons of her shirt …after opening her all buttons he hide his face in crook of her neck and start feeling her fragrance…giving hickeys on her neck to collarbone.

Dhaage Tod Laao Chandani Se Noor Ke,

Ghoonghat Hi Banalo Roshini Se Noor Ke,

Sharma Gai To Aagosh Mein Lo,

Ho Saaaso Se Uljhi Rahi Meri Saasein,

Bol Na Halke Halke…

Hooth Se Halke Halke Bol Na Halke

“I love you… jaan” sanskar confessed biting her earlobe.

“Ahhaa…I love you tooo”swara just mumbled in response to his touch..

“Shall i continue…or you want time??”sanskar asked for permission to take their relation ahead.

“I am all yours sanskar…please make me yours..I can’t wait more”Swara pouted.

“Wow…someone is telling me shameless …now see who is eager for that”sanskar chuckled on her eagerness.

“Ok…fine.I am going”swara pushed sanskar on other side of bed..and gets up to move futher.

But sanskar instantly hold her shirt..which is now in sanskar’s hands …Swara is just in her inners…

Sanskar give naughty smile to swara and pulled her again taking her beneathed him.

“Where are you going my shone darling…tonight i am not gonna leave you”sanskar told her kissing her cheeks tightly.

Aa Neend Ka Sauda Karein,

Ek Khwaab De Ek Khwaab Le,

Ek Khwaab To Aankhon Mein Hai,

Ek Chand Ke Takiye Tale,

Kitne Dino Se Yeh Asmaan Bhi Soya Nahi Hai Isko Sula De…

Bol Na Halke Halke ,

Hooth Se Halke Halke Bol Na Halke .

Hooth Se Halke Halke Bol Na Halke

Before swara could say anything…he starting giving wet kisses around her neck..followed by her cleavage…swara is just moaning sanskar’s name in response to his touch which is turning him more n more..

He is giving love bites all over her body…after satisfying from her neck he comes down and suck her belly button…both are just enjoying to being close to each other after long time…now swara switched their position …now swara in top of sanskar…she quickly removed his shirt…and start giving kisses on his masculine chest…sanskar is enjoying his shona’s boldness….when her action slow down, sanskar again switched their position and remove their remaining clothes…

“You are divine beauty shona”sanskar huskily said to swara…after seeing her without clothes..blood rushed through swara cheeks listening her husband compliment.

blood rushed through swara cheeks listening her husband compliment

He start worshipping her whole body by giving kisses…then he entered into her giving her extreme pain…to divert her mind he starts kissing her …after few minutes swara pain reduces and she starts feeling pleasure by her husband ride…after few strokes both climaxed…

“It’s the most wonderful night of my life…Thanks love.. for coming into my life”sanskar confessed taking swara into his embrace and placing kiss on her forehead.

“Me too blessed to have you”swara replied kissing his chest..

Both slept after their love making having satisfactory smile on their face..after two days they throw Reception party where they announced about their marriage…after that sanskar starts handling bose empires with swara…later they blessed with a cute boy…they named him “Saksh Maheshwari”…they lived happily.

they lived happily

Saksh Maheshwari

————–The end——–

this is my first one shot on swasan.ignore grammatical mistakes..

plz drop your feedback in comment box if you like it..

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