Saathiya a new story (Part 1)

Saathiya new story part 1

Intro is the same but with a different twist

A woman is seen praying to God
Woman: kana ji how do I tell Maji I won’t marry Krishna in my whole life and I did but how do I tell her he tortures me
Its gopi
Krishna: o Gopi
Gopi: yes
Krishna slaps her
Krishna: you tried to contact kokila you idiot will pay
Krishna: mansi bring rope
Mansi walks in with rope
Premila sees and smirks

Krishna ties gopi up
Gopi screams

A woman on the other hand
Woman: gopi
Pari: what happened kakiji
Kokila is shown

Gopi os seen in a Flashback
I have decided to get gopi married to Krishna says kokila
Meera: I’m leaving
Vidya: so am I I can’t watch this
Flashback ends
Gopi: ahem ji you left me why

Mansi goes in to a storeroom
Mansi: heloo you
A person is tied up there
Mansi sees blood on his hand
Mansi: omg your bleeding I’m sorry ahem but you don’t listen to me all you say is gopi gopi
Ahem: Mansi I loved gopi and always will
Mansi: I should kill gopi
Mansi: AHEM
Mansi ties Ahem up
Mansi: now watch what I do

Precap: kokila now to visit Raheja house and sees Krishna hugging gopi and smiles

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  1. Jasminerahul

    happy to see u with a SNS ff.Krishna is torturing gopi.sad.mANSI kidnapped ahem n he is 4 gohem meeting.

    plz update ur other SNS ff too.U said u will bring its season2

  2. AHT

    This is its second season where after a lot of arguments this marriage happened but gopi gets tortured more will be revealed soon

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