Saathiya a new start (part 8)


Note Sorry every one i was out of town and could not update so here is the next part

The episode starts with the Khurana boys molu and papu reaching modi bhavan.Papu asks Ansh to go in while the rest of them will take out the bags.Ansh goes in.Rashi is coming down the stairs wearing a long indian dress with a dupata hanging on one side.Her dupata flies away because of the wind and lands on Ansh.Rashi runs down and takes the dupata off of him and is surprised to see him.Ansh says you are that mandir girl.Rashi says yes and you dropped your watch there I will go get it she goes up while the rest come into the house Tanya is taking a glass of juice from the kitchen and bumps into vivek.The juice spills on his shoes.Vivek says what have you done beta ok leave it I will clean it Vidya comes and says no I will clean it my daughter has made mistake so i will pay for it .She takes cloth and starts cleaning his shoes he keeps saying” there is no need I will do it my self please leave it”. Meera comes with her 3 bhabis and make vidya stand up she goes to her room.Vivek says in his mind what a weirdo its good she did not touch my neck or else she would have killled me.papu tells them who they are.Sona says I will get the 3 free rooms cleand and leaves with the maids.Rashi comes down and gives the watch to Ansh.Rashi says meera di i am going out.Meera says you cant go we have guests in our house.Ansh says its ok let her go all of you are here to take care of us.Meera says why dont you go with her she will show you around he says ok they leave.Meera takes Mihir and vivek to her room and says you can stay here while your rooms get cleaned she leaves.In the car Rashi is driving and Ansh is next to her.They start talking to each other about there studies.Ansh asks rashi about her family .Rashi gets sad and tells him that most of her family died in a bomb blast and ones who survived were in front of you at our house .Ansh says sorry.Rashi says no problum and laughs Ansh asks what happend she says we have been talking for so long but dont even know each others names.Ansh too laughs and introducs him self.While rashi introduces her self.Suddenly the car stops and both of them stop and getout of the car.The tiers get punctuerd.Rashi says oo no now how will I reach my friend party.Ansh says we will walk.They leave some people follow them.


NOTE:Every one who reads this i want to ask i want to ask introduce 2 new siblings of meera vidya tolumolu and papu will the story get interesting or will it make it get bad.please tell of the siblings will be vansh the child Big rashi adppted before tolu molu were born or should i say the child that she stole before tolu molu were born.and the other one will be Radha and Umangs son .

Credit to: Ragini

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    ansh rashi scene in d beginning was so romantic..duppatta n all..vivek vidya scene was cute.last scene of rashi sharing her pain with ansh was tire punctured so they r walking.i expect a romantic walk.but who r following them…
    introducing vansh will b interesting as v duno what happened 2 him after his real mom who was u married took him back.but i cant understand how radha can deliver umang’s child as she never got pregnant

  2. Ananya sachedev

    No.dont add

  3. Rom’s child. How its posibl?

  4. It will be like when gopi left the house for 8 years at that time eadha was pregnent with umangs child and sbe diliverd the baby secretly somewhere somthing like that

  5. u have already added vansh , it is ok , but no need to add radha umang’s child yar . but it is ur wish if u want u add . and thank god , I was waiting for ur ff ,daily I used to scroll and see if ur ff has been posted

  6. ok every one i wont introduce new siblings and this vansh will be some one else ok

  7. yes i think it is better that dont introduce any new character
    continue their love story with thrilling emotional story

  8. What the hell! You can’t update daily . Daily update karo barna update karne ki kouyi zarurat nhi. Phir shuru kyu kiya update . Shuru kiya to update karo. You can’t give any excuse . Ok update chalo rakho . Aachab story hai.

  9. Kya abhi tum out of town ho. Kitna excuse dogi

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