Saathiya a new start (part 7)


First of all I would like to thank all of thoes who like my ff but I would like to request everyone to leave a comment because it realy hurts when I only see a few comments.And I want to specialy thank Fan and Jasmine rahul who comment on every episode.THANK YOU

The episode starts with a handsome man wear formwl suit silver watch and black sunglasses coming out of the airport.Someone calls behind “Mihir bhai over here”.Mihir (karan wahi) turns his face is shown.Mihir walks to the other man and says “Vivek (vivek from yeh hai mohbattein aka abhishekh) why are you here I said no one will come and recive me.And I sent you and Ansh here one day before me so that you could book hotel rooms and talk to the clients about the meeting ” Vivek says “every thing is done lets go the taxi is ready”Mihir goes to the taxi.Mihir is a never smiling never living life busness tycon while his younger brother Vivek is a always being happy living lifes evetyday like its the last day free bird.Vivek flirts with an indian girl. The girl slaps him and says idiot and leaves Vivek says I love you too jaano.Mihir says hurry up.They go to the hotel.

In shri krishans Mandir Ansh (varun kapoor from sawaragini aka sanskar)(the youngest brother of the khanas) is praying and gets a call from Mihir who asks him to cone to hotel fast.Ansh is a simple loving and smat boy who is the youngest of three but is more mature then his older brother .He always takes care of them because he knows that both of them have a dark past.Ansh runs down the mandir steps while Rashi(adaa khan)is going up .They collide rashi is about to fall but Ansh holds her they have an eyelock song ……tum jo age zindgi main baat ban gai …….plays in the background.Ansh says sorry and runs down his watch falls down Rashi calls him but he roes not here Rashi picks up the watch and goes to the Mandir.

At the Hotel Mihir goes to the reception and asks for the keys of his room.The woman says that your brother booked the 3 rooms for 1 night.One of the hotel workers throw Viveks and Anshs bags out of the hotel.Vivek says hey and goes to get the bags.Mihir says what is this is this how you treat your guests I want to talk to your owner.Molu comes behind and says yes I am the owner of this hotel.Mihir tells what the workers did with the bags.Molu scolds the staff and asks them to say sorry.Ansh reaches hotel and helps vivek to pick the bags.Ansh and Vivek go into the hotel.Papu comes and says wow molu your hotel is so nice.Papu sees Ansh and says “Ansh you here”.Ansh and Papu meet each other .Molu asks papu do you know them.Papu says yes this is Ansh is his elder brothers me and ansh were best friends in london.Mihir says do this friends reunion later we have to go find a hotel to live in for 2 months looking at vivek.
Papu says I have shifted here from london and I am living with my family you can live with us.Papu asks Molu if they can live.Molu says if you know them well then ok.Mihir says theres no need….but vivek cuts him and says of course there is need anyways its thete mistake I booked rooms for 2 months and they gave us one night.Molu says then lets go home they leave the hotel.


Credit to: Ragini

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  1. it is very nice . no need to thank me actually . ur ff is very nice . its very nice not like the original track of sns right now

  2. Sarayu(honey)

    Really good and sorry for not commenting

  3. jasmine Rahul

    no need of thanks.updating daily is more than enuf.

    loved d entry of our heroes.what is their dark past…3 brothers…3 sisters…wow..loved ansh rashi scene.they r in molu’s hotel.pappu n ansh r wait 4 the new luv stories.

    plz do have a look at my ss ye dooriyaan

  4. I am a silent reader here and i am so sorry for not commenting before….the story goes really interesting…keep updating buddy☺☺

  5. thanks

  6. Its going good

  7. Zuha (Asya fan)

    I really like your FF , it is really nice and different , I hope that real SNS
    apply your idea on he track , the TRPs will definitely increase!

  8. hey ragini where is next episode ,please update yar , I am waiting eagerly .hope u see this

  9. Sorry but i am out of city so I dont have time but once i go back home i will update

  10. please continue the story i am very eager to know the next episode so pls start continue the story as soon as possible

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