Saathiya a new start (part 2)


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Modi bhavan is shown a house colored black with thin white stripes with dry trees and dried grass outside.Modi mansion has a huge black door which opens because of the autum wind.A woman comes who is wearing a simple blue saari with long straight hair waving with long earing a dimond kamarban and the keys of Modi masion the woma is none other then sona with out sindhur in her maang and without mangalsutr in her neck.She closes the door and heads towards the temple which is the only place in the masion which is painted blue because the rest is painted black and white.She prepares the aarti plate and does aarti she sings …..hey gopal krishna karon aarti teri…….she finishes the aarti and starts talking to the idiol of krishna and radha she says “are you happy with me kana ji I am tring to do every thing that gopi maa used to do.But there is only one difference when Gopi maa used to sing the whole family used to gather here in this pure place but now I am the only one who comes to the temple in past 10 years one one has come to the temple except rashi who comes here but does not tell any one.”she takes sindhur from the temple and fills her maang.She takes the aarti plate and heads towards her room and gets angry on tolo nd yells you are still sleeping she puts the aarti plate on the table and takes the mangalsutra on the show case and wears it.She says like every day I have to do your tilak.She does his tilak and says please get up now with tears in her eyes its been 10 years and you are still sleeping.

FB starts
Dharam runs into the temple and tells every one that Gura has fixed a bomb in the house everyone get shocked Vidya shouts NO MY BABY and faints sharvan picks her up and says we have to get out of here the all run to the main gate Dharam says Guras men have locked the main gate from outside I came through the window.Everyone scatter tolu takes sonas hand and leads her to the kitchen he opens the window and asks her to go she says she wont leave him.Tolu picks up sona and throws her out the window sona rolls and her head d hits a wall tolu was going back to save the others but when he saw sona bleeding he was coming to her by the window but the bomb blast.FB ends

sona tells tolu and before I colud give you the best news of your life you were already …..FB starts sona getsconsious and sees fire all around she yells tolu and sees him she drags him to the road and takes a taxi she takes him to the hospital where the doctor treats him and tells her we saved your husband but he is in coma and we dont know when he will wake up .Sona faints docter asks nurses to treat her.The nurse treats her and does some tests when the doctors see the result he tells sona that she id pregnent sona cries tolu FBends .Two boys come running into the room shouting Mama we are hungry sona says you wont get any food till your sisters break there fast remember today in raksha bandan and your sisters always keep fast for you both .No we want food theyboth yell shut up Rishi and Karan .A 21 year oldgirl is shown in modern tight pants and a shirt saying I really miss you mama in front of of Gopis photo which has a maala on it.


Credit to: Ragini

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  1. so the whole family died except vidya, rashi,tolu and sona am I right . its nice ,update next epi soon

  2. so vidya has two daughter and sona also has two sons is it

  3. Nice strt…continue

  4. jasmine Rahul

    shocked 2 know that only vidya tolu sona rashi got saved.oh no…very sad

  5. Interesting….

  6. Blue mandir….quiet funny…but its emotional n good…continue…

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