Saathiya a new start (part 17.1)



The episode starts with Mihir and vivek in the room thinking of sanjana.



Mihir in a college he is the most hotest in the college and every girl dies for him.But Mihir does not look at any girl at that time Mihir is carefree and loves hanging out with his friends and just loves to be like little kids he loved his brother more than any thing in the world.7:30 and still half an hour till college starts . Mihir is talking to his friends Nimesh (Arjun bijlani), Chander (shakti Arora),sooraj(sharad malotra) and Ankit (Amir Ali).

Nimesh:Wow Mihir I wish all the girls of the school died for me just look at you and me i am way much hotter then you.
Ankit: Shut up we are getting boared of listening to your same sentece every day .

Sooraj : yaar just look every where the girls are staring at Mihir like hes the only guy on earth.

Chander :So what 8i the girls are staring at him.At least our Mihir is not looking at them.But wish it was me just look at thoes girls they are so hot .

Mihir :just shut up guys.You know when I see all of your faces you look more despret then thoes cheap girls.

Sooraj : Chhii we are not despret for you.

Nimesh : but why dont you date any girl.

Mihir:Because none of them are my type .For me God will send a princess.

Three black huge cars stop in front of the college.A girl rolls down the window of the middle car her hazel eyes are shown.

Mihir : she will have wings like a fairy.

A guard opens the door the girl takes out one of her foot her high heeled sandels are shown.She moves her long black shiny hair from her back to the left shloder.

Mihir: when I see her the sun will become dry and the moon will begin to burn.I will stay still but the land under my feet will take me to her.

The girl plays with her earings her her long dimond earings are shown .She clings her bangles in front of her face she slowly moves her hands from her face …… wo rahne wali mhelon ki plays…..The girl comes out.She is wearing a tight blue shalwar and half sleev long yellow kurta.The princle mrs rano greets her.

Rano : hello miss sanjana (sanjeeda sheikh) to day is your first day here I have told two of your claamates to show you around and then they will bring you to my office where I will give you your time table.

Sanjana nods yes.Two girls come and say hello one says my name is Anikta(sanaya irani) the other introduces her self as Rani (drishti).They show sanjana around the college and the take her to the office and get the time table.Anita says your first period is economics sorry but we wont be with you.Sanjana says ok and asks them to show her the class.They show her the class and leave.Sanjana goes in the teacher asks her to go sit by Mihir.Mihir looks up the class windos are open wind stsrts to blow sanjanas hair starts to blow every where.Mihir looks at her ……sooraj hua matham chand jalne laga plays……Sanjana sits and they start to talk.He asks her to tell something about her she says well I am bengali he I am gujrati they start talking.And hanging out.


Mihir and sanjana are in a medow full of flowers sanjana lying in Mihirs lap.She asks when will take me to your home and introduce your parents to me he says very soon and today I will talk about our marriage to my parents.

Location: Khurana mansion
Mihir comes to his parents and tells about his girlfriend his dad gets angry and spaps him hard with a shoe and says I will,never except a bengali girl as my D I N.And if you want to marry her then you will have to break all relations with us.And you wont get any property of the khurana umpire.
Mihir says I will do what ever you say dad and leaves.Little Ansh sees all this and tears fall down his cheeks.The next morning every one come for breakfast except Mihir.His dad asks Vivek where is Mihir.I am over here Mihirs voice comes from the main door.Every one turn and get shocked.Mihir is standing there with a mala in his neck.Mihirs mom asks what is this.Mihir says sorry mom but I had no other way I thout that if I marry sanjana then you will have to except her.Sanjana comes out from hiding behind Mihir.She has a Ghunghat so no one can see her face.Mihir tries but his father stops him and says wait you have got married we will prepare for your and your wifes ghar prvesh.His dad tells his mom somthing in the ear.Mihirs nom goes and brings a bucket.Mihirs father puts on his gloves and takes car oil out of the bucket blackens Mihirs face and pours the rest on sanjana and yells get out of here.Both leave the house while little Ansh sees all this.

Credit to: Ragini

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    Yesterday I had comment ed on the previous part of this ff.did u check.mihor sanjana meeting was nice, their scenes r also nice., ihir married sanjana with out his parents permission. He is being trapped by her.oh.surprised to see famous actors of tv as their college mates

  4. Jasmine rahul

    Mihir sanjana songs were also good

  5. Awsome ff….Can u pls check my ff n comment its saathiya ek nayi kahani S2..

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    Really good, I like the way organize the sentences and your writing style is simply superb

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