Saathiya a new start (part 16)


Sorry guys I am unable to update daily because I have just passed 10 grade and in the village we can study till 10 so I have shifted to a city at my maasis house so I dont get time to update but I have come home for a few days so I am updating.

The episode starts with Rashi asking Sona what is love Bhabi.Sona smiles and says “love cant be bought with money it just happens and when love happens you will feel like your flying in the sky with out wings it will feel like gravity has ended and you want to see that person every where every time .But why are you asking ?”Rashi smiles and answers ” I think I am in love with Ansh “.Sona gets shoked and so does Meera who is standing Meera who is standing at the door she looks at Rashi and says “Rashi do you know what you are saying its ok if you like him but does he like you can you turn this one wided love into a 2 sided love”.Rashi is about to say somthing but Nayya comes and says sanjana has come.Sona says lets go down we will talk about this later.They go down stairs Meera greets Sanjana (Dish paramar aka pankhori from pyaar ka dara hai).Sanjana is wearing a pink saari with a backless and sleevless choli with dimond long earings kangans and a kamar band.She gives a gift to Meera and says its been so many years since I have seen you and I have brought gifts for all of you.

Every one greets her.She gives gifts to the kids.And when she gives a gift to Molu she touches him from eldow to his hand and smiles.Molu moves his hand and says thanks.Meera says you were coming tomarro then how did you come today.Sanjana says well I had work but my husband did it for me so I came here by a private helicopter.

Rashi goes up stairs and sees that Ansh is a sleep.She goes 8nto the room and closes the door behind.She sees sleeping pills on the table and thinks Ansh used sleeping pills maybe he got hurt during the fight.She tries to wake him up but he does not she says I should cheak.Rashi unbottons Anshs shirt and sees a deep wound on his side.She grabs the first aid box and starts to treat the wound.After Rashi is done she gets up but her kangan gets stuck in Anshs shirt?She sits down to free them but Ansh turns in sleep and Rashi also turns and the next moment Rashi sees her self sleeping next to Ansh on the bed.She tries to wake him but she thinks I will stay awake untill he wakes up because if he gets up his wound will ache.

Vivek and Mihir come down stairs Sanjana gets shocked seeing them and turns her face.Meera says what happened.Sanjana says nothing somthing went into my eyes .Meera introduces them to each other Sanjana shakes hand with both of them they both feel akward.Sanjana says I am so hungry is there any thing to eat.Nayya says all of us have qlready ate dinner except Rashi and Ansh because both of the have fallen a sleep but there are mushrooms at home I will make them for you.Meera and Sanjana both say NO sanjana has alergy to mushrooms.Vivek and Mihir look at each other Mihir goes to his room followed by Vivek.Sanjana looks at them with a smirk on her face.

In Mihirs room Vivek says bhai what if this sanj…..Mihir intrupes and says ” there are many sanjans in this world and many. of them have alergy to mushrooms and any ways how can she be that sanjana.Sanjana Mihir kuhurana or Sanjana Vivek khurana both are the same woman and that woman has died ten years ago.”Vivek says ” but bhai we never found her body” both of them star thinking


NOTE sorry guys I said that I will tell Mihir and Viveks past in part 20 but I have decided that I will tell you in part 17

Credit to: Ragini

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  1. good episode and please update when ever you come home

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  3. thank god you updated waiting for part 17

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  8. Sarayumane

    Thank you so much for continuing your ff

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    Thanks a lot for upating it.missed it.oved rashi ansh scene a she the same sanjana..surprised to see disha as sanjana

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