Saathiya a new start (part 15)

The episode starts with Meera getting a phone call.She picks the call Mihir wipes his face with a napkin.Meera talks on the phone ” Hi how are you o realy sanjana you are coming to my house tomarrow” Mihir spits the food he was eating.Meera says “ok I will call you later.”She says “what happened mihir ” Mihir says who is sanjana.Meera tells him that Sanjana is my best friend when me my dad and my sister lived in mumbai sanjanas mom helped us open our bakery and me and sanjana went to school and college to get her.Mihir says ok now you can go.Meera leaves.Mihir thinks how stupid of me how can that sanjana be alive.He does his work again.

At the library Rashi is reading the book SOMEONE NAMED EVA and Ansh is staring at her.Rashi sees him and asks do you want to read the same book.He says no I will go and find somthing to read.He goes .Rashi smiles and reads on.Four boys come and sit next to Rashi and ask what sre you reading baby.Rashi gets up and says none of your business.She starts leaveing one of the guys hold her and pull her in his lap.She gets up and slaps him he says how dare you he tears her sleeves she says leave me.One of the guys reach for her duppata and throw it away.An other guy tries to touch her hip but Ansh comes and holds his hand.The guy says who are you hero you want to die.Ansh says I am your death.He turns the mans hand around his back and hits his haed on the table.Ansh gives his coat to Rashi.One of the goons trie to stab Rashi in the back but Ansh holds his hand and punches him on the nose .The library security comes and takes the goons away.Rash hugs Ansh and cries while Ansh consoles her.Ansh says lets go home.They leave.

At office sona comes to Mihirs caben and says here is your contract and know you have to fulfill your promise you wont leave modi mansion till I say.Mihir takes the papers .Mihir says I have heard that you are illitrate so how are 10% owner of the industry.Sona says I was illitrat after my husband went in coma I decided that when he wakes up I will surprise him.But look at my faith its been 10 years and still he has not waken up.A tear falls down her cheek.She wipes it and leaves.

At home vidya is alone.She hears nosies from jigars room she thinks what is happening there.She goes in and sees jigar throwing things.She asks Kaka what are you doing.Jigar sees her and says I wont leave you he strangles her.Vivek comes home and hears vidya screaming.He runs to jigars room and sees jigar strangling vidya.Vivek pushes jigar and saves vidya while jigar runs of of the room.Vidya says catch him he is runing away.His mental state is not right Vivek runs after him.The kids come from school.Jigar sees a knife in a fruit basket and takes it and holds it on Rishis neck.Sona comes in and scream seeing this.She says papa ji listen he is your grandchild please leave him.Sona cries loudly to leave her son.Tolu hears this and opens his eyes.He tries to move but he cant .He tries to yell. sona but he cant.Karan says dada ji please leave him.Jigar says you are all murders.Tanya sees a rod and hits it on jigars head.Jigar faints sona hugs Rishi and karan.Vivek picks up jigar and takes him to his room and locks the door.Vivek asks Sona what happened to him.Vivek ask vidya what happened to him.Vidya says I dont know and goes to her room.Sona says I will tell you you know most of our family died in a bomb blast and after that his mental state is not stable.

Meera comes home and after her Ansh and Rashi she asks Rashi what happened.Rashi hugs her Ansh leaves .Rashi tells Meera everything.Meera consoles her.Meera asks Rashi to get fresh and change cloths.

Rashi in her room comes out of the bathroom and sees Anshs jacket on the bed and smiles.She reminces the mango shake and how Ansh beated the goons.Sona says Rashi where are you come back to earth.Sona saks what happened.Rashi says I dont know.Rashi thinks is this love.

precap :rashi asks sona what is love and when do you know it has happened to you.sona says is like your flying in the sky with out is like you want to see that person every where and happenes when you think you cant live with out that person.sona asks why are you asking.rashi says i am in love with ansh.sona gets shocked and so does meera who is standing behind them.

NOTE:So everyone I have decided that part 20 will show Mihir and Viveks past.So you wont see any the modis in that part.

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  1. wow nice going ragini
    nice story i like it very much pls dont stop it and continue.

    next part is their flash back ok

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Is Meera’s friend sanjana Mihir’s wife?Ansh saving Rashi from goons n giving her his coat was lovely.Sona tellig mihir abt her condition related 2 tolu was sad.Shocking that bz of d instable mental condition jigar git violent with his his own family.Tanya hit his head 4 sad.Rashi in luv with ansh.Does ansh luv her?

    1. Yes this will be the same sanjana but with a new face and yes Ansh loves Rashi.Ansh and Rashis wedding will be a love marrige.Vidya and viveks marrige will be an arranged marrige by Sona and Tolu while Mihir and Meeras marrie will be a contract.

      1. jasmine Rahul

        New face?how?so much of suspense

    2. you have to wait for part 20 to know the whole story

  3. Today’s episode was interesting wit all elements mixed together???

  4. Pls update it daily

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