Saathiya a new start (part 14)

The episode starts with Vivek seesing the containers of the kitchen.Tanya says what will you make.Vivek says “its late so I will make chawal and eat it with curd.But i cant find the rice.” He tries to open a container on the higher shelves.The container flips and flour falls on vivek.Tanya says vivek uncle what did you do and starts laughing.Vivek says “sorry ” and starts laughing also.Vidya is syanding on the door of the kitchen smiles seeing Tanya.She comes in and says Tanya its late night go and sleep.Tanya says” but mama vivek uncle is hungry he did not eat any thing because meera madi scolded him”.Vidya says ok I will make something for him you go and sleep.Tanya leaves.Vivek thinks o no not this mad aunty again who woll save me this time.Vidya says Tanya told me what you did for her and I wanted to say thank you .Vivek thinks wow this mad aunty can talk too.Vivek says its ok no need to say Thank you.Vidya says I will make something for you.Vivek hopes mad aunty does not add poision to the food.Vidya looks around the kitchen and thinks everything had changed I have not come here since years.Vidya slips because of the flour on the ground Vivek holds her they have an eyelock ……….song tum jo aahe zindgi main baat ban gai plays…….Vidya moves back and fixes her saari.She makes food for vivek .Vivek eats it and says “wow mad aunty what tasty food have you made” vidya asks what did you say Vivek says nothing I just sais the food was delicious.Vivek eats the food and and vidya stares at him.

Nayya and Radhika are making breakfast.Radhika says “I will put everything on the table”.Nayya says “no use everyone is going to eat inthere rooms.The guest are gone and this happy family acting is over “.Sona says “Radhika you can put the food on the table the guest are still here”.Nayya sys “but bhabhi Mihir said he wont stay here for a minute.Sona smiles.FB STARTS Sona goes to Mihirs room he is packing his bag.Sona says” Mihir ji please dont go I am sorry on Meeras behalf”.Mihir says “Whatever” .Sona says “our Modi Industry is well known all over India if you stay here I promise I will tell molu to give you a big contract I am also 10% owner of Modi Industry I will give you a contract as 10% owner of the industry.”Mihir says ” fine but only for the contract” he asks sona “why do you want us to stay here you dont even know us” sona smiles and says ” if I tell you you will think I am selfish but its true I am selfish for my family and always will be.”FB ENDS.Every one have breakfast and leave for there work.

Rashi goes to a cafe after college she orders a mango shake.Ansh also comes to the same cafe he sees Rashi and goes to her he says” you here Rashi”. Rashi looks up from the book she was reading and says “hi Ansh well I came to meet a friend but my friend could not come take a seat.” Ansh sits down Rashi asks “you here ?” Ansh says ” Mihir bhai sent me here some one is going to give me a file.” Waiter bring the mango shake.Waiter asks Vivek if he wants somthing Ansh also oders a mango shake waiter says sorry there are no more mangoes” Ansh says ” then leave it I dont want any thing ” Rashi says no problem we will share the mango shake she ask the waiter for an extra straw.Both of them drink from the same glass ……..Song plays tum jo aahe zindgi main …..Rashi says I am going to the library want to come.Ansh says sure I will tell driver to take the file they leave.

At modi mansion Meera is in her room thinking of what she did and thinks how to say sorry.She thinks she will make something for Vivek and Mihir and take it to office.She hoes to the kitchen and cooks mexican rice for them and takes it to office.

Meera knocks of Mihirs cabin door he says come in .She comes in Mihir gets angry seeing her and yells what do you want .Meera says I wanted to ask for forgivness look I have made mexican rice for you and vivek.Mihir says Vivek went home and I am not hungry.Mihir says now get out .Meera says ” not until you for give me ” Mihir takes the glass of water and drinks it .Meera asks so did you forgive me .The glass breaks in Mihirs hand it starts bleeding .Meear says I will bandage it .Mihir says no need I will do it my self.Meeras says ok I will sit on this sofa you bandage your self .Mihir tries but cant bandage with his left hand.Meeras holds his hand and bandages it ……tune plays ne sa sa ga ma ra sa re ga ma paaa…..She says know you wont be able to eat the mexican rice with your hand I will feed you.He says no nee….she puts a spoon filled of rice in his mouth.He chews it and says you wont leave until I eat it wont you.Meera says ” absolutly right I wont leave ” Meera feeds Mihir … tum ja aahe zindgi main plays ……..


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  1. its awesome pls continue

    1. Thanks and i will update

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Vidya cooking food 4 vivek n he ate it admiring her cooking skill.When she began 2 fall don he held her.what an eye lock.very romantic.Sona is very intelligent n she stopped mihir from going in d name of business.Ansh Rashi sharing d same mango romantic.Meera wants pardon from mihir.4 that she prepared mexican rice 4 was unexpected.His hand got hurt n she bandaged it n fed him is d most romantic update till date.Tum jo song u put 4 d couples was perfect

  3. very nice continue your story

  4. Its good…pls. continue

  5. Its nice…sona is becoming very smart??

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