Saathiya a new start (part 13)

The episode starts with every one being worried about Tanya.Sona goes to the temple and prays “hai kaana ji happiness came back to our modi mansion after so many years no one used to sit on that dinning table and eat together but because of thoes 3 brothers every one is ready to eat together our family is becoming close again and now what is happening.Please bring back Tanya and think about vidya she is in shock of sharvans death what will happen if tanya goes far from her please”.Just then the door opens and Vivek comes in with Tanya.Meera fumes and goes to vivek and slaps him hard how she shouts” how dare you first you filled vidya’s maang and now you tried to kidnap her daughter”.Vivek says listen but meera shouts shut up.Tanya says “meera masi listen vivek uncle did not kidnap me.”Meera says ” beta you dont need to be afraid of him we are all with you”.Tanya says ” ooo masi just listen to me if vivek uncle wanted to kidnap me why would he bring me back here”. Tanya tells everyone what happened and were they went.Meera says “sorry vivek “.Vivek goes to his room angrly.Ansh goes behind him.Mihir shouts at Meera and says “spoiled brat is this how you behave with your guests.We wont stay here for an other second.”He goes to his room Meera stands there in guilt while everyone goes to there rooms.Sona thinks to her self “after son many years Meera di has become sherni again just like Kokila used to be.I think these three man have been sent by Kaana ji to bring every one back to normal.I have to stop them from leaving.If they go then everyone will be doing what they used to do.Molu will stay in office day after day Rashi will stay out of the house from morning to night Nayya and Meera will look after all the kids and I will take care of tolu.I know everyone is doing this happy family acting because of thoes guests.

Vivek locks his rooms door and goes to the bath room and starts washing his face again and again.He says why is this happening again the past which I left behind why is it chaseing me .Ansh from outside says vivek open the door please .Vivek shouts to get lost.Ansh goes.
Vivek is out side some house in some in Jaipur with some woman who is wearing a bridle dress both are wearing malas a little girl open the door who is 5 years old and runs to the woman saying mama.Vivek gets stunned and says Sanjana (sanjeeda shiekh) what is this.Suddenly a car parks infront of them a guy comes out Sanjana goes running to that guy and starts crying saying “Mihir this guy kidnaaped our daughter Aun and made me marry him.” Vivek says Mihir bhai this is your wife.Mihir beats vivek and says how dare you.Vivek says bhai this woman is charcterless she married me by her own will.He says how dare you.Vivek says I did not know she was ypur wife.Mihir keeps beating him and saying how would you know mom and dad kicked ud out of the house the day we got married and none of you even picked up her ghonghat to see her face onece.Vivek says just look at her you have been married for 3 years she has a 5 or 6 year old child.Mihir says she cant become mother so we adopted a child he keeps beating him.Sanjana smiles and looks at vivek.
Fb ends.

Its 12 o clock every one is sleeping Vivek hears a knock on his door he says go away .Tanya says ” its me Tanya .Please open the door I am realy sorry madi scolded you because of me.Vivek opens the door and hugs her saying its ok and wipes her tears.Vivek gets hungry and says I am hungry I will go eat somthing Tanya says I will come with you .Vivek and Tanya go to the kitchen he see that there is no left over food and says looks like I have to cook somthing for my self.


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    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Stop criticizing her and you get lost. everyone like her ff and she will continue it. And if you have any problem with this then no one forcing you read and commen about this. And sorry if I would have hurted you

      1. Thanks and i dont know why that person is doing this

    2. Who the hell are you to say all these….????…get lots…

      1. You fake ragini get lost….

  2. Episode was very nice especially precap….dont see those cheap comments….

  3. jasmine Rahul

    i rly liked how sona feels that d 3 brothers r making their family normal.mihir blasted at meera 4 insulting vivek.sherni meera is back n lets c what sona is going 2 do.past is so shocking.mihir married sanjana n without knowing that vivek fell 4 her n maried her.but mihit mu him n beat disgusting sanjana is 2 create rift btw d brothers.y did sanjana marry vivek too…where is their adopted daughter ow…what happened 2 sanjana…tanya consoling vivek was lovely.plz add more mihir meera n rashi ansh scenes

  4. How dare you? ragini sorry brown ragini.
    Mind your language.No one is forcing you to read this fanfiction,so, there is no need to read this ff.
    You Understand….. You better understand.

  5. jasmine Rahul

    i dont know why this fake raginii is troubling our dear writer ragini.Last day she put a fake post that if there r no 10 comments she will stop updating this ff.When she got exposed she is bringing up taunting posts openly

  6. who the hell u fake ragini……. r u mad…….
    n to the writer of the ff…. dont try to listen tht stupids word u did ur job nyz n we lyk ur ff…… dont stop it…… we want it…… i am not a viewer of saathiya now but am a reader of fff….

  7. Thanks everyone for your support

  8. nice going continue with your updates

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