Saathiya a new start (part 12)


The episode starts with vivek driving the car and Tanya in the passengers seat.Tanya asks why did you not go to office and I know you came with me so that you dont have to go to office.Vivek gets surprised and asks how do you know.Tanya says when we getting inthe car you were mumbbling and I heard it.He says ooo well I realy get boared with thoes old peaple in the office and work and work and work they are such pakaaos.Tanya says ok rolling her eyes.The car stops Tanya asks what happened.Vivek says ooo sorry there is. o petrol in the car .He says dont worry I will ask Ansh to bring another car.Tanya says no use now by the time we reach there the party will be over she goes and sits in the car vivek sees her upst..Vivek sees something and smiles.He blind folds Tanya she asks what happened.He says come on.They cross the road and then Vivek opens the blindfold.Tanya smiles and says oo my god fair.Vivek says so what if we cant go to the party we can surly go in this fair.They go in vivek asks tanya where should he go first.Tanya says lets go ride the roller coaster.Vivek says ok.Tanya gets on the roller coaster the man tells vivek that your daughter cant ride alone you have to sit with her.Vivek says she is not my daughter.The man says sorry.Vivek but she came with me so I will sit with her.Vivek sits with her and the ride starts.Tanya gets scared and hugs vivek.Vivek feels akward but also holds her……humming tune of papa ki pari hon main plays……..The ride end and both of them get off.Vivek asks where should we go next? Tanya says lets go eat barf gola.Vivek says ok and they walk to the gola stall.Tanya says two strawberry gola please vivek says why 2.Tanya says one for you and 1 for me.Vivek says I dont eat all this.Tanya says please.Vivek says fine.The man gives them ganda.Tanya starts eating but vivek holds it in his hand.Tanya asks why are ypu not eating.Vivek says first you eat then i will.Tanya says ooo please I can see that you dont know how to eat it I will teach you.Tanya teaches him how to eat the ganda.Vivek tries it and the ganda falls out of his hand.Tanya starts laughing.Vivek also starts laughing.Both of them spend the rest of the day in the fair.

At modi mansion Ragini and Bani come home from there friends.Sona sees them and says come go get fresh dinner will be ready in an hour they say ok.Bani asks where are the rest Sona tells where every one went.Sonam Meera and Rashi and sarika come home.Sona says good you are here Nayya and Radhika will come in 5 mints.And the men have already came from office half an hour ago.

Every one sit at the dinning table.Meera says where is Tanya.Sona says she went to her friends b day party with Vivek.Meera says its 9 o clock they havent come yet.Meera says I will call vivekViveks phone is un reachable.Meera calls Tanyas friends mom but she says that Tanya did not come.Meera gets shocked and tells everyone.


Credit to: Ragini

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  1. please comment negitive or positive it does not matter but please comment and from know on i will not update untill i get at least 10 comments on my ff

  2. Whats ganda….i never heard abt. it..

    1. Ice gola

  3. jasmine Rahul

    tho vivek cudnt take tanya 4 d pArty he took her 4 fair.thats so sweet.loved papa ki pari song on bg.loved vivek tanya bonding.but meera mu him n slapped him.sad.
    plz show meera mihir scenes too.also smar’s luv life.

    i think none of d sns ff gets 10 plz update daily.i wait 4 ur ff daily

    1. I will update and I dont know who wrote the firts comment by my name you can see all my comments they have a green disigned pic but the first comment has a brown designed pic
      and do u know where fan is he does not comment

      1. jasmine Rahul

        That means somebody else wrote that comment in ur name?OMG!Sorry.How can someone do that?So cheap to post comment in somebody else’s name

  4. Nice episode. I’m waiting 4 ur next update

  5. Sarayu(honey)

    OK baba, we will comment daily. It is so good??

  6. good track i like this story so pls dont stop this ff
    pls update daily

  7. Nice ep…

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