Saathiya leap twist (part 2) – Season 2 soon

Saathiya leap twist part 2 (final episode)
Hi everyone im sorry I have to end this fanfiction since exams have started and after exams I will only be writing Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story so Im sorry

Gopi: nobosy in this house will disrespect my maaji
Jigar: Bhabhi
Gopi: Im Bhabhi not your servant
Pari: uff after this kokila now this gopi
Kokila: Pari ji
Gopi: no Maji you will not call her ji she is only pari
Gopi: Pari if you dont start to behave i will kick you out before Ahem ji left he named his all property after me
Jigar: I know that
Gopi: You did horrible things I will get Sona and Tolu back in this house
Gopi and Kokila go to Chawl
Kokila rings the doorbell
Sona opens the dorr
Urmila: Kokila ji
Kokila: I have bought someone
Gopi comes
Urmila: Gopi cant react to anything
Gopi: Says who
Urmila gets happy and hugs Gopi and cries
Urmila: we have missed you
Gopi hus Sona and Tolu and her grandchildren
Gopi”: Tolu and Sona come returm to Modhi house and that is your big mom order
Tolu and Sona agree

Tolu and Sona and their children enter the house with Urmila
The grandchildren hug Jigar and Jigar melts and hugs Tolu
Pari heart melts also and accepts Sona
Meera and Vidya come with their children
Meera: Wow full Modhi Family ha
Vidhya: tHEY PROBABLY forgot about us
Kokila: no way
Meera and Vidhiya hug Kokila
Gopi: What about me and only love for daadi
Meera and Vidya get happy to see Gopi back
Meera and Vidya hug Gopi and they cry

Kokila: today for the first time I would like to make a decision Gopi Vahu you will marry Dr. Krishna our neighbor who fixed you
Everyone is shocked

Guys that all Season 2 will explain alot season 2 in june

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  1. Ewtwwwwwww stop this t thou title was going to be better than the current track of saath nibana saathya but noooooooo u made it worse how gopi gets all property molu is still good and jigar is alive and even tolu this don’t make sance what about kokila

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Loved gopi standing 4 kokilA n got back her place in d family.she brought tolu n family back with urmila.seeing d grandkids jigs pari melted.pari accepted sona.loved it.meera vidya have kids too.kokila decides 2 get gopi married 2 krishna.u stopped this ff at a crucial point.sad.

    hoping 4 season2 soon.cant wait

  3. I m sorry but today’s update is too weird….its not good and the end is incomplete…..

  4. jasmine Rahul

    be patient friends.This is only d 2nd chapter.She will explain everything in season2

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