saathiya FF Part 1


meera and vidya are teens in mumbai and happily enjoy wid mansi and is gopis bday.vidya becomes sick.she is hurt.she remberbers gopi.she becomes emotinal and says maa.ahem comes running and says i love u vidya.vidya misses gopi but later says that she left us i hate her..she cries..mansi hugs her…10 years later-meera,vidya and ahem have moved on wid their life and now meera is a bossy,selfish,mean,rude lady and vidya is a caring girl…gopi is also released from jail…she comes to mumbai wid jigar….she comes to their house but mansi lies…later they come again..ahem is firm and refuses to accept her…meera behaves rudely too…vidya gets emotional but ahem asks them to leavve…vidya cries..ahem shuts the door and hugs a weeping vidya…she asks him to leave her alone…he goes…vidya cries…gopi and jigar are leaving and vidya runs from the house…she asks them to wait but they leave..she cries and goes somewhere..suddenly meera gets up and doesnt see vidya..she cries remembering gopi…next day….ahem comes to the hotel gopi is staying and sees vidya weeping outside gopis room…ahhem asks her what happened..she runs in and locks the door…flashback-vidya came and gopi is really sad and becomes unconcius,jigar asks her to sleep..but she sits there only..ahem knocks and jigar opens the door seeing ahem he shuts the door….jigar hugs vidya and she says she wants to come to rajkot..then the whole engagement drama happens like it happened in the show and kokila coming and all of them going to rajkot…then they find out abt gopi killing radha and vidya apoloiges to gopi and gopi is pushed out of the window by meera..she is in the hospital..and lost her memory to 10 yrs ago…she is desperate to meet vidya…meera thinks then also she only loved vidya…gopi cries and asks for her golu polu vidya…vidya cries and says she is her vidya …she hugs her..meera comes..gopi asks her who she is? her rude tone she says she is meera..gopi says she cant be and hugs her…she gets her memory back..she asks meera why is she hugging her u just pushed me out..meera asks her to forgive her and they hug

precap-naksh singhania enters
spolier -marrige

Credit to: erika sharma

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  1. nice pls continue

  2. Plz continue……when this track was going on….i also thought the same but. The reason for gopis unconciusness is that she is suffering frm cancer

  3. oh pls stop this pathetic drama n create something new with new character

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