saathiya ff episode 2


hello,after receving a few positive replies i go ahead wid the second part..pls reply

ahem and gopi get married again…and all the rituals happen…and….the hero…of my is naksh singhania now in yrkkh the part when he comes to india to meet his family in mumbai…he comes wid sanju a frd of meera.he comes to their house and starts liking meera.vidya is dating kunj..he later leaves for his house…bhabhimaa and all are happy to see him…meera is depressed after her breakup…now akshara and the family comees toknow about nakshs lie and they come to india.ahem is at the airport too.he helps them..he invites them over to his house..they go there the next day..and enjoy..vidya and naira make a friendship…naira really misses naksh and asks why cant they go to see day-naira is missing and modi family is searching for her…she is actually at outside singhania house..she goes in and says can i meet naksh…none of them know she is naira…just then sanju comes and naira asks her too shut up..she keeps quiet…naksh comes and sees her….she cries….naksh cries too and says u?…naira says i hate u bhai…why did u leave me alone..they hug..she takes him in the garden..whole family asks sanju if they know that girl?she says she is nakshs sis…they are shocked…they go in the garden and see naira crying and naksh trying to console her..she says u know how angry mom and dad wld be if they knew i came here for u?bye i am leaving ..naksh says wait…naira calls vidya and asks her too come and pick her…vidya says she is in her car and meera di is coming to pick her..meera and comes and sees naksh..
no precap

Credit to: ananya sachedev

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  1. Nice….keep writing

  2. anaya aunty plz stop ur pathetic fiction it is completely headache for readers n dont post ur nonsense drama here

  3. This is so dumb and why did the person who made this right and my hero naksh came you are so stupid anaya and why do right for with wid because real drama’s dont have this nonesense stop your stupid nonsense anyway it isnt real so dont right it especially on saathiya’s written update

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