Saathiya Fan Fiction (Intro)

Hello friends, I have a new fanfic for saathiya. I will continue only if i get comments of more than 5 people.

Modis stay in mumbai and shahs stay in a village adjoining rajkot. Chirag modi& Jitendra(jeetu) shah and parag modi& pradeep shah were best friends from childhood.

Shah family

badi baa: The eldest member of the family
choti baa: badi baa’s devrani
Jeetu: Badi baa’s son
Urmila: Jeetu’s wife
Pradeep: Choti baa’s son
Ahilya: Pradeep’s wife
Rashi: 27, completed education
Gopi: 25, third year of post graduation
Dhaval: 24, third year of post graduation
Paridhi: 19, first year of graduation
Radha: 15, 10th class
Soham: 12, 7th class
Sanam: 11, 6th class
Arshiya: 6, 2nd class

Rashi and gopi are mohan’s(badi baa’s son) daughters but after their parents’s death they consider urmila and jeetu as their parents.
Dhaval, paridhi and radha are urmila and jeetu’s children and soham, sanam and arshiya are ahilya and pradeep’s children.

Modi family
Baa: Eldest member of the family.
Chirag: Baa’s elder son
Parag: Baa’s younger son
Hetal: Chirag’s wife
Kokila: Parag’s wife
Ahem: 28, joined office
Jigar: 27, joined office
Kinjal: 22, first year of post graduation
Viren: 20, second year of graduation.
Ahem and kinjal are parag and kokila’s children. Jigar and viren are Hetal and chirag’s sons.

Credit to iloveyou


  1. Dia

    whats this i could not understand this. i have never seen any jigars brother viren. what have you written in this section. please tell me dear. Rashi and gopi are not own sister.

  2. Akshay

    hello a very good morning to TU team sns lovers diva jhamkudi sid aradhya n gopi
    hello “iloveu” nice start. i hope it will be interesting

    • Yup…. beside search option there’s a menu option and last option is of “contact us” tell them that u want to write a ff and they will mail u further details

  3. Ya definitely. It’s a fresh story of SNS. And please give us more details like the educated ad uneducated status and the financial status of the two families

  4. iloveyou

    Its a fiction so many new changes
    1) gopi is educated
    2) viren is a new character and brother of jigar
    3) gopi and rashi are real sisters
    4) both families are very rich
    5) everyone is educated

  5. iloveyou

    Friends, Thankyou for you support. I will post the first episide tomorrow. And I’ll show meethi also.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.