Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (SPECIAL EPISODE)


Recap-Modis in london…Aashni’s madness….jigar n kids movie plan…Will gohem meet??…

The episode starts with gopi and aarav’s meeting in darkness.But no one see each other.Aarav walks out from there.Gopi too walks out.Rashi asks gopi what happened???Gopi says i felt weird rashi ben…i feel someone is here as my relative.Rashi says gopi here is only me and you.Gopi tenses.Rashi takes her to urmilla’s ward.

Jigar gets a call and he goes out of the movie hall.Niharika searches for jigar.Jigar shouts at his PA and leaves for office.After movie finishes…kids searches for jigar.Niharika says kaka is so irresponsible.Kids cries.Niharika cares them.

Hetal comes from yoga classes and asks baa were are kids.Baa replies they are with jigar.Hetal says were.Baa says for movie.Hetal asks the address and runs.Baa worries.Hetal asks for kids in help counter and sees Niharika and others.She hugs them.

Urmilla’s condition is worsening.Doctor says gopi and rashi that we are trying our hard.Gopi cries and rushes towards mandir.She prays to lord krishna’s idol.Gopi prays “kanha ji pls. meri mom ko theek kardi jiye”…she cries.Aarav gives doctor a parcel and comes out.He sees gopi crying and listens her words.Gopi prays.Aarav says may god bless her mother.Aarav leaves.Gopi shockingly opens her eyes and turns.She thinks its ahem’s voice.She tries to go to search for him but doctor comes says urmilla’s condition is good now.Rashi smiles.Gopi and rashi hug each other.


Gopi wakes up in hospital.Rashi wakes up too.They goes and asks for urmilla’s condition.Doctor says we had changed her dressing.Gopi says doc. if you need anything pls. contact us.Doctor assures her.She and rashi goes to hospital canteen.

Some people shouts and rashi says these sound is from outside the hospital.A girl shouts let me leave…Gopi and rashi sees a girl getting attacked by goons.Police announces no one to move forward.Aarav surprisingly comes wearing a mask in his face and twists a goon’s hand.Gopi shocks.Aarav fights with the goons.A goon escapes and puts revolver to gopi’s forehead.Aarav shocks.Gopi shouts.Aarav smartly diverts goons mind.He punches the goon and handover’s all goons to police.Gopi thanks him.Aarav says its my pleasure mam…Gopi hears it and shocks.She thinks again the same voice.Gopi tries to remove aarav’s mask but wind appears.Gopi’s red saree dupatta falls on both of them.Both stares at each other.Aarav removes the dupatta and his mask falls.Gopi bumps but aarav holds her hand.Rashi gets shocked.Gopi shell shocks seeing aarav and says ahem sir.Special effects are shown.They stares romantically at each other and gets into an eye lock.(BOL NAA HALKE HALKE)song plays….Gopi and ahem’s golden moments are shown.They both stares at each other.And the screen freezes.

Precap-Kokila asks Is everything allright???….Rashi cries in happiness vigourously and says kakiji ahem jiju is alive.Kokila gets shell shocked and falls on chair…

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. thank you rianaa finally gohem reunited. but rianaa do u know why tolu molu used to call gopi pari miss in the boarding school

    1. sarayu (honey)

      They used to call gopi as Pari miss because they feel she is a fairy. I think I am right. Anyways today’s episode is awesome riaana. keep it up.

      1. Thanks for commenting

    2. Its because she was their teacher in dat boarding school and they got impressed by her sweet and kind-hearted nature and named her pari miss….

    3. Yah i know….when tolu molu gone for boarding school in somgarh….they used to call gopi as pari because as they compare gopi’s sister radha’s activities with gopi’s activities….so they used to call radha as wich whereas gopi as angel/pari miss…

    4. Thanks for commenting

  2. If jigar finds out ahem is alive,, his position wil be very funny???

    1. Thanks for commenting….

  3. jasmine Rahul

    jigar is so careless.glad that kids r safe.urmila’s condition worsened n gopi cried,it was so paindul.ahem seeing her cry n without knowing her saying god bless her mother n gopi hearing his voice was so nice.last scene of ahem as a hero saving everyone including gopi from d goons was so exciting.gohem duppatta scene was damn romantic with romantic song on will ahem react knowing that gopi is his wife?

    1. Thanks for commenting

  4. thank you sarayu (honey), Nandhini and rianaa

  5. Awesome episode rianaa

  6. Thanks for commenting

  7. Today’s ep was awsome…i love the scene when gohem meet….keep it up

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