Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 9)


Recap-Aashni’s fires the kitchen….Aashni injures urmilla…Urmilla buries….Family takes urmilla to hospital…

The episode starts with urmilla shown in emergency ward.Jeetu.kokila,rashi and gopi cries vigorously.Kokila says why god is not sparing us…first baa…then urmilla.Hetal calms her.Aashni acts as crying and says this is all because of me.Saurav slaps aashni.Aashni shocks.Saurav says why did you go to kitchen.Gopi says saurav bhai.Rashi says too.Kokila says who are they??Jeetu angrily says they are none for us.Kokila confuses.Gopi says let me tell you maaji…he’s my big brother Saurav shah and she is Aashni shah my sister in law.Kokila understands but confuses.Kokila says but he…..Doctor comes.

Doctor says patient needs a plastic surgery.All get shocked.Gopi says plastic surgery…that means mom’s face will change….doc. says no no her body parts will be changed not face.Gopi cries.Jeetu says i agree.Doctor says sorry….its an international treatment so she have to shifted Orion hospital…which is in london.Gopi says london.Her word echoes.Jeetu says no problem i need her perfectly fine.Gopi says then i am booking tickets.Gopi says then me,maaji,rashi ben,dad…we all are going with mom.They all agrees.Jigar says bhabi then me and maa will take care of kids.Saurav says i will also go.Rashi says no bhai you will not go with us.Saurav shocks.Jeetu says yes…she’s right and warns saurav to be in his limits.Saurav gets angry and grabs aashni and leaves with her to home.

Saurav and aashni enters.Saurav throws aashni on sofa and goes to his room.Aashni says baby…baby listen.Saurav locks his room and starts breaking things in anger.He reminsces and thinks i will never harm my mom then how can you.Saurav breaks a vase.Aashni shouts pls. open the door.Saurav opens.Aashni says i am sorry i accidentaly pushed her.Saurav says how could you…our plan was to light up the kitchen and you will save mom from that fire so why did you….Aashni says i am sorry…pls. forgive me.Saurav pushes her and leaves.Aashni evil tune plays.Aashni thinks shit….i tried to kill that buriya but this saurav..”apne maa ke pyar meh kuch zyada hi andha hai”….She says “Buriya ko bachana” my foot…

At evening….they comes to airport.Kokila says urmilla ben…where is she.Rashi says she is with the doctors and hospital staff will shift her to london.They all goes for checking.After that….they enters to flight.Flight arrives.Screen freezes.

Precap-London….Kokila explains all to kinjal.Gopi is shown praying god.Aarav is shown in his car.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    guess 4 urmila’s treatment they all r going 2 london n there they will meet ahem.i’m happy abt one thing.saurav does’nt know abt ashni’s evil plan 2 kill urmila n if he had known he wudnt have supported her.he doesnt want his mom 2 b harmed n his plan sth else.loved him scolding ashni 4 not savig urmila

  2. nice going keep updating the ff.

  3. So its not saurav’s fault…aashni only did it on purpose…she is the main vamp…the update is very short yaar…pls extend some more….waiting for next update….post it soon and long☺☺

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