Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 8)


Recap-Jigar’s jealousy….rashi n jigar’s argument…..baa’s injury…baa’s recovers…

The episode starts with urmilla cuts call and starts reading fashion magazine.Aashni smirks and comes downstairs.Aashni sees urmilla reading fashion magazine..Aashni thinks “toh buriya chen se magazine par rahi hai….ruk buriya abhi tera chen gul karti hoon”…She moves towards urmilla and says mom can i make lunch today.Urmilla thinks “arey yeh toh khud hi mehnat karna chahti hai”…..urmilla agrees.Aashni smirks and goes to the kitchen.Aashni goes to the kitchen.

Modis brings baa home.Baa says hetal to leave her in her room.Hetal takes baa to her room.Gopi says thank god baa is ok now.Rashi says yes.Jigar apologises to rashi.Rashi forgives him.Jigar goes to office.

Aashni enters the kitchen.She takes out kerosene bottle and kicks it.Kerosene falls on kitchen.Aashni takes an old lighter and acts as she is lighting gas.She takes a match sticks and lights it.She smirks and throws it on kerosene.Kitchen lights up in fire.Aashni evilly starts smirking acts as screaming.Urmilla hears aashni’s scream.She goes into the kitchen and sees the kitchen on fire.Aashni shouts fire…fire… ji…fire.Urmilla shouts how it happened???…and tries to take out aashni but aashni shouts mom ji and pushes her in fire.Jeetu and Saurav comes and shocks.Aashni and saurav smirks and acts as having concern for urmilla.Urmilla screams and fire catches in her dress.Jeetu sees mattresses and throws it on urmilla and fire.Saurav helps him.Urmilla starts burning.Fire disappears.Urmilla faints and injures too.Jeetu cries.Saurav and aashni pretends to be crying.They take urmilla to hospital.

Urmilla burns badly.Doctor and nurses shifts urmillato emergency ward.Jeetu cries badly.And calls on modi house landline phone.

Landline phone rings…Gopi receives the call.Jeetu says gopi…urmilla is being buried.Gopi stuns and shocks.Gopi turns into a stone and her phone falls.Phone turns to speaker mode.Whole family hears it and gets shell shocked.Rashi faints hearing the news.Gopi is not a way to act.Hetal and kokila cries.Kokila brings rashi in sense.Kokila says meethi to take care of baa.They all leaves for hospital.

Kokila calls jigar in car.Jigar gets shocked.Kokila says jigar to come immediately.They reaches to hospital.Jeetu hugs gopi and rashi.Rashi cries mom….and reminsces urmilla words…Jeetu worriedly says what happened to gopi.Kokila says when she heard about urmilla…she is in shock now.Jeetu grabs gopi and slaps her.Gopi comes out of shock and hugs jeetu.They both cry.Kokila eyes at saurav and aashni…kokila thinks who are they.Saurav aashni fears seeing kokila.Scene freezes on kokila’s face.

Precap-Doctor comes and says urmilla needs a plastic surgery….as her body is burnt badly.All gets shocked.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Oh can Aashni be so cruel?I thought they r just greedy.but they r so cruel.Aashni risked urmila’s life n saurav is supporting her.too bad.hope Urmila becomes ok.but will her face change after surgery?

    1. No….not at all…urmilla’s face will not changed but some of her body portions will have surgery….but there will be twist….

  2. How can a son wil try to kill his own mom??!! Dat is unimaginable! Hope urmila gets cured soon with surgery and saurav and aashni gets exposed….

  3. Fantastic epi. Rianaa I wonder where you get all this ideas from.

    1. I get those ideas from daily soaps?????????

  4. Rianaa is the recaps you put in every epi, the recaps from the previous epi or the epi you are writing

    1. Recaps….from previous ep…

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