Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 7)


Recap-kinjal in aarav’s restaurant….saurav n aashni evil face reveals…gopi n urmilla conversation…jigar n rashi not picking call…

The episode starts with jigar standing in a flower shop and buying flowers for rashi.Jigar asks how much did it cost.Shopkeeper says 180 rupees.Jigar paids the money to the shopkeeper.Jigar was trying to go his car but sees rashi.Rashi is shown talking to a guy and laughing.Jigar gets angry and says ohh thats why you didnt pick my call….he gets angry and squeezes the flowers.He gets into his car and leaves.Rashi says thankyou so much Sir(Actually she was talking to kid’s school teacher)…she leaves.

Modi mansion….Kids shows their trophy and certificate to gopi.Gopi hugs all kids and gives them chocolates.Jigar rushes and ask everyone where is rashi???…Gopi says rashi ben goes for market….but what happened.Rashi comes and ask jigar why is he shouting.Jigar says he is shouting for her.Jigar asks who was that guy.Gopi asks meethi to send kids to their room.Kids goes with meethi.Rashi says what???…what nonsense.Jigar says tell me who is that guy.Jigar says i found you with that man in market.Rashi says OMG…jigar ji he was school teacher our kids.Jigar hushes and says then why didnt you pick my call.Rashi and jigar have argument.Gopi shouts stop it….there are kids in this house…what they will that mom n dad is shouting.Baa hears the shout and comes downstairs.Baa says whats wrong with you all and slips from the stairs.Baa screams.Everyone gets shocked and rushes to baa.Baa falls down and bleeds from forehead.Gopi and rashi screams baa.Kokila asks jigar to call ambulance.Jigar calls ambulance and shifts baa there.

Lifeline hospital-Modis admit baa to hospital.Kokila and hetal cries.Hetal scolds jigar that it all happened just because you.Jigar regrets.Gopi relaxes hetal.Parag and chirag comes and asks if baa is ok or not.

Doc comes and says you dont have to worry now patient is ok.All gets glad hearing that.Doc. says that her back is twisted so she needs a wheel chair.Kokila prays to god for keeping baa ok.Everyone meets baa.

Urmilla is shown doing exercise.She gets a call from gopi that baa was injured.Urmilla shocks.Gopi says but now is she allright.Urmilla gets glad hearing the news and continues exercise.

London…Aarav feels weird.Paridhi gives him apple pie and he have it.Madhuri thinks how he will get his family…its since 8 years we are finding his family a lot….but..Paridhi asks madhuri what happened nani.Madhuri says nothing.Scene freezes on madhuri’s face.

Precap-Aashni goes into the kitchen.Urmilla hears aashni’s screaming.Urmilla gets shocked seeing the kitchen on fire.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. waiting for next episode , ur ff is very nice

  2. jasmine Rahul

    seeing rashi with d school teacher jigar mu rashi n got angry.sad.luckily baa is fine tho she fell madhuri was trying 2 find ahem’s family 4 last 8 yrs.wonder how they will meet Modis.

  3. Very nice episode…and dont know what aashni is upto wit her evil plan….waiting for next episode….

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