Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 6)


Recap-Aarav argues with his restaurant chef….gopi n rashi helps kids…jeetu throws out saurav and aashni…

The episode starts with jeetu going to his room in anger.Urmilla dares and opens the door.Saurav and aashni requests urmilla and apologises them.Urmilla thinks my son and daughter in law came after so many years and….Urmilla gets emotional and hugs them both.Saurav says thanks mom…you are world’s best mom.Urmilla says i will convince your dad.

Modi mansion….Meethi leaves kids to school.Gopi is reading a file.Urmilla calls gopi.Gopi receives the call.Urmilla says hey gops!!…Gopi says mom…how are you??? Urmilla says i am absolutely fine baby…Gopi shivers.Urmilla hesitates and says i have some with you so i am coming today.Gopi says wow…please come.Door bell rangs…Gopi opens the door and sees urmilla.Urmilla amd gopi hug each other.Gopi what a pleasant surprise…They goes to gopi’s room.

Urmilla informs everything about saurav and aashni.Gopi gets shocked and reminsces saurav’s words years ago.Gopi says mom i am not happy…Urmilla says why??…Gopi says mom without keeping any relation or contact….he came after so many years.Gopi says Oh…now i got it…thats why you was too puzzled yesterday…Urmilla says hmm….Gopi says mom i think he just came here for revenge…Urmilla tenses.They continues talking.Rashi comes and hugs urmilla and joins in the discussion.

Kinjal is shown with her friends walking on street.She asks lets go to The kapoor’s restaurant guys.Her friends agree and they enters to restaurant.Kinjal orders for punjabi cuisine.Aarav comes towards kinjal’s table but suddenly gets a call.He receives the call and goes towards kitchen.Kinjal feels as someone is here as her relative.But she ignores and does dinner.

Saurav and aashni hug each other in room and cries now everything will be allright.Aashni says mummy ji had forgive us and very soon papa ji will forgive us too.They acts as crying.Evil music plays…they both smirks and laughs.They does hi fi.Aashni says baby…saurav replies yah baby…saurav rubbs his tears.Aashni says my acting skills are too awsome right.Saurav says and what about me baby.She says “ye sab toh tumne mujhse hi sikha hai”…Saurav smirks.Aashni says its good that you and your boss had an argument and we came here.Saurav says aashni i want richness in my life thats i left for USA but what happened there also we had to stay in 1 room flat…and our wedding was also too cheap…Aashni says i requested dad to except and he throwed me from my house because he dont like you.Saurav says exactly….but now we had just convince dad and dont worry baby…we will get everything in our life and if we dont get we will snatch it.They laughs evilly.

Paridhi is shown making Apple pie for madhuri and aarav.Madhuri appreciates her cooking.paridhi says nani i learnt it from aarav bhai we his world’s best cook…Madhuri says yes beta.

Rashi calls jigar.Jigar is shown scolding a clerk…he throws files.Jigar phone vibrates but he didnt answers.Rashi thinks she will call later.Jigar says to make the presentation again else they have to find another job.Clerk ashames and goes.Jigar sees rashi’s missed calls and calls her.But rashi doesnt pick phone.Jigar thinks cuts call.Screen freezes on jigar’s face.

Precap-Jigar buys flowers for rashi.Rashi is shown talking to a guy.Jigar gets jealous and squeezes flowers in anger….Rashi comes home and asks jigar what happened???…Jigar scolds rashi…they have an argue.Baa hears the sound and comes downstairs but slips and falls.Whole family gets shocked and runs towards baa.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    sad that kinjal didnt c ahem.oh no saurav n ashni were pretending 2 b nice.they came back only 4 luxury.cant imagine sharad kratika so negative.precap is so sad.hope everything will b alright.

  2. This episode shows how much jigar loves rashi! But he is so evil-minded for money and power…i wonder when ahem comes back and gets united wit modi parivar then what jigar will do….hope baa is alright…pls update next episode soon….

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