Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 5)

Recap-Urmilla denies her son….gopi’s CEO award….ahem paridhi’s bro n sis bond…..

The episode starts with madhuri watching aarav and paridhi.Madhuri goes to aarav and says him that she should go to restaurant.Aarav says yes aunty its been late and leaves for restaurant.

Gopi is shown working in laptop.Rashi comes with kids.Gopi says arey…baccha party…come..come.Niharika says mom we all had got a project on craft.Rashi says thats why i brought you all here.She says you know everyone gopi leads all craft and art competition in school.Gopi shys and says rashi ben.Aanya says really mamma….Gopi smiles.Gopi says whats the topic.Niharika says i have to show a garden…aanya have to show a theme park…yuvik have to show cricket stadium…harsh have to show shopping centre…Gopi says so difficult topics..Rashi says actually when i heard i was going to faint.Gopi says rashi ben nowadays teachers gives projects not to children but their parents.Rashi laughs.They starts making the project.

Aarav comes to his restaurant”The kapoor’s”….Aarav goes to kitchen starts making indian cuisines.A customer shouts who is the manager…who is the owner….i want him right now.Aarav rushes to the customer and asks what happened sir…Customer says is this called food???….who made this hell!!!…aarav says sir pls. stop shouting.Aarav calls the chef.Customer says he had served as rotten food.Aarav gets shocked and scolds the chef for being careless.Aarav relaxes the customer and serves him fresh food.Aarav says customer is like god…and you all…he yells at chef go to the kitchen.

Saurav and aashni comes for dinner downstairs.Urmilla shouts why you came here i will sent breakfast to your room.Jeetu comes at the moment.Saurav smiles papa.Jeetu gets shocked and angry seeing saurav.Jeetu goes near saurav.Saurav tries to touch feet of jeetu but jeetu slaps him.Urmilla and aashni get shocked.Jeetu says why you came here???…you left the house years ago for this girl and USA business….we all told you to come back but what did you told me….FB starts….

Saurav with his bag comes downstairs.Gopi and rashi are shown as teenager.Jeetu and urmilla requests saurav not to leave the house for that girl.Saurav shouts please!! leave me…Jeetu touches saurav’s leg.Saurav smirks.Jeetu says no beta dont leave our home.Saurav says ok then you have to sign in this paper.Jeetu says what is this…Saurav says i want your property and needs 80 percent…If you agree then i will not leave home.Jeetu tears the paper and asks him to get lost and dont come home back.Urmilla shouts no…dont go beta she cries…Saurav gets angry and breaks a flower pot.He eyes at all and leaves the house.FB ends.

Jeetu grabs saurav and drags him to leave.He also throws aashni out of the house and closes the door.Jeetu scolds urmilla why did you brought them here in my house.Urmilla says its been years we should forgive him.Jeetu gets angry and goes to his room.Scene freezes…

Precap-Kinjal and his friends comes to aarav’s restaurant for lunch.Aarav comes towards kinjal’s table.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    cant believe that saurav was so rude 2 his parents b4.hope he really changed n gets 4given by his dad

  2. This is really good. I love the new season.

  3. Sarayu(honey)

    It is really very good

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