Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 4)

Recap-Is ahem alive???….Rashi gets a gift….jigar loves rashi….urmilla meets with her son and daughter….

The episode starts with urmilla talking rudely to saurav.Saurav and Aashni apologises to urmilla.Urmilla goes to the sofa and sits.They enters.Urmilla says i will not forgive you you left our house years ago….you didnt contact us…you didnt came to your sister’s wedding…how can you think that i will forgive you.Saurav says mom i left USA job as my boss and i had an argument.Urmilla listens to his words and says ok go to your room.They goes.Urmilla starts thinking.

Modi mansion…Kokila gets an invitation that gopi is receiving Mumbai’s no.1 CEO award so she and the whole family have to come in the function.Kokila shows the invitation to hetal…rashi…baa and they get glad.Gopi also sees it and touches kokila’s feet.Kokila blesses her to succeed in any condition of life.

At function….Urmilla to comes in a tensed manner….Kokila asks what happened to you urmilla ben???…Urmilla says nothing…nothing.Kokila confuses.Announcer announces Gopi’s name and request her to come on stage to receive the award.Gopi is shown in a white and gold saree.Everyone appreciates gopi.Urmilla shouts gops…gops….yeah gops..Kokila ask her to stop it.Urmilla stops.Gopi receives the award and speaks on mike that today i am here just because of my husband Ahem Modi Sir and my family members.Kokila and gopi gets emotional.Gopi says my ahem sir is not present but i know that he always be appreciating me.Kids and other clap.Gopi smiles and cries.Kokila and rashi comforts her.

London….Aarav is gymming.Paridhi comes and gives him apple juice.He drinks the juice and says its refreshing.Paridhi says thanks aarav.Aarav says thanks for what.Paridhi says for celebrating my birthday.Aarav says you are my sister so i should remember your special days.Paridhi hugs aarav.Madhuri cries and reminsces the day when they got aarav.FB starts…Ahem falls in the sea and comes to the sea shore unconsious.Madhuri and small paridhi receives them.Madhuri is a wealthy woman she takes her to hospital.Doc. says that due to water is memory is blocked and lost his memory.Madhuri names him Aarav and takes him to london….Fb ends.Screen freezes on madhuri’s face.

Precap-Gopi and rashi makes crafts for kids and helps them in project work.

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  1. I am sorry there are many spelling mistakes

  2. It amazing i dont miss any update

    1. Thanks for commenting

  3. jasmine Rahul

    its surprise that urmila has a son n daughter in law.liked sharad n kratika as saurav aashni.gopi recieved best CEO award,wow.glad that aarav paridhi relation is like a bro sis.i doubted if paridhi will fall 4 ahem.fb scene of how madhuri got ahem was well written

  4. Yes i too thought paridhi maybe girl friend for ahem but now i am happy to know dat she is his sister…waiting for gopi and ahem’s face to face meeting….

  5. it is very nice rianaa update soon

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