Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 33)


RECAP-Urmilla shows aashni the doorside…Aashni insults urmilla…Gopi and rashi hits aashni with a wooden stick!!!….


A lady in burkha waits for another lady.The lady comes and gives her Rs.50,000.Burkha lady says mam we talked about….The lady interferes and says i know we talked about Rs.1,50,000…but its the advance next money you will get when you will finish my work.Burkha lady hesitantly agrees and leaves.Another lady arrives in a white car.


Jigyasa puts ointment in aashni’s wounds.Aashni cries out in pain.Jigyasa says “Oh honey…kya halat kardi tumhari”…dont cry honey…Aashni says maasimom they beated me…your aashni???…they have to pay for this…i will not spare that two sisters…Jigyasa says yes honey…they have to pay for this…we will show them.Aashni goes to shout but cries out in pain.Jigyasa comforts her and continues treatment.


Aarav brings coffee for gopi.Gopi thanks her.Aarav kids thanks for what???…for coffee??..Gopi smiles and says no no for exppsing the truth….else we could not find aashni and jigyasa’s evil face…Aarav welcomes her.Gopi smiles.Suddenly they hears some noise…Gopi thinks about the kids and asks aarav to rest in room.Aarav agrees.

Everyone gathers in the hall and gets surprised seeing all kids.Gopi and rashi hugs their kids.Kokila and others hug them too.Gopi asks about camp.Niharika explains that camp was awsome…Aanya says yes mom..we enjoyed a lot.Gopi smiles.Yuvik and harsh asks about jigar.Everyone gets shocked…Rashi says a lie that jigar is in a business trip for some months.Yuvik says ok we will talk to him later on skype.Rashi astonishes and changes the topic by saying that to go and get fresh as they had prepare their favourite dinner.All kids get glad and leaves.


Urmilla is resting in her room.Saurav comes and asks her to forget everything….Urmilla says how can i forget…aashni and jigyasa had spoiled our pooja and bhog.Saurav ties urmilla’s eyes with a cloth.Urmilla says what are you doing???….Saurav asks her to follow.Saurav brings urmilla downstairs and unties the cloth.Urmilla gets surprised seeing the new bhog is ready.Saurav says me and dad prepared the bhog to surprise you.Jeetu smiles.Urmilla get tearry eyed and hugs saurav.She thanks jeetu too.Urmilla takes the bhog and serves to god.After that they tastes it….Urmilla says its yummy and very delicious.Urmilla kisses on saurav’s forehead…Saurav jokingly says you didnt kissed dad…Jeetu laughs.Urmilla shys and says “Badmaash”…and twist his ears.They all laughs and SCREEN FREEZES.

PRECAP-Gopi says the kids that ahem is alive!!!….Kids get shocked…Gopi asks them to not call him as dad or bade dad as his memory is lost…Niharika says dont worry mom we will not call him as dad….Gopi smiles…

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Who is that lady???….why did she give money to her???…Last part was emotional n good…overall nice episode…

    1. It will be revealed soon….thanks for commenting

  2. Excellent episode…

    1. Thanks for commenting…

  3. Nandhini

    Very nice update! Ahem’s kids gotta know abt ahem’s truth but jigar’s kids?????? So sad of them….and saurav’s and urmila’s bonding scene was too good!!!

    1. Thanks for commenting…

  4. You write very well…nice episode…

    1. Thanks for commenting…

  5. Jasmine rahul

    Loved what saurav n jeetu did.who is that lady? Is it madhuri?

    1. No…no…it will be revealed very soon…thanks for commenting…

  6. Mansi

    Nice update…bring back aarav’s memory soon..

    1. Thanks for commenting…

  7. Good story writing and nice episode
    U r updating the episodes… that’s good and keep doing this well

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