Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 30)


RECAP-Aarav concern for gopi….Aashni falls in COWDUNG!!!????….Gopi n aarav some moments…


The episode starts with urmilla asks her maid to wash clothes.Maid agrees.Urmilla was just about to go then only aashni comes.Urmilla says whats wrong with you.Aashni shouts shut up!!…she checks her clothes and say EWWW..EWWW!!!…YUCK!!…Aashni calls jigyasa..Jigyasa says what happened buttercup!!…whats this smell…and whats on your face.Aashni says she falled on COWDUNG…Jigyasa says what???…YUCK!!! Urmilla says cowdung and laughs vigourously…Aashni shouts but urmilla says COWDUNG..COW…HAHAHA!!!…Jigyasa says ignore words just go and take a bath…Aashni agrees.Urmilla says i just said malti to wash clothes on washing machine…”kaho toh tumhe bhi daalne ko bolu”…Aashni shouts and leaves irking.Urmilla says “jaise koh taisa”..and goes to tell saurav and jeetu…


Hetal is preparing pooja thali and kokila is preparing diya.Kokila says hetal about yesterday’s incident that aarav feeded gopi.Hetal smiles and says it was a good plan..good job!!..Meethi comes to modi mansion.Kokila sees meethi and says how you are now…Meethi says i am fine..nanikaaki..Meethi says i will work from today onwards…Hetal says but..Meethi says pls motakaki let me do my work.Hetal smiles and asks her to go to kitchen and make lunch.Meethi agrees and leaves…

Kokila gets a call from Sumitra[Kokila’s college friend]…that tonight they have jagaran in their house…and invites her to come with family.Kokila says ofcourse we will come and by saying this she cuts the call…Kokila says to everyone that their is jagaran in sumitra’s house tonight…Gopi says that she will not go…Kokila says i wanted to hear this answer…as i know that ahem is back so….okay!!..i will make an excuse and say it to Sumitra.Gopi smiles.Kokila leaves by saying this.


Aashni comes out of bathroom.Jigyasa sprays perfume on her body.Aashni sneases.Jigyasa asks her to be strong.Aashni sits on bed and cries that i was a HORRIBLE experience…everyone was laughing looking at me..Jigyasa says never mind honey…now everyone will laugh at your inlaws…Aashni smirks..

Urmilla says to saurav that Aashni falled on cowdung.Saurav laughs and says its a very small but good punishment for her.Urmilla comforts saurav and says god is there…he will make roads for our safety…dont worry.Saurav smiles…


Kokila leaves with everyone for jagaran.Aarav is reading magazine in his room.Gopi comes and gives him tea and snacks.Aarav thanks her and says wow Onion pakoras i love it…Gopi thinks there is a connection anywhere as ahem sir too loves onion pakoras…Aarav grabs pakoras.Gopi says “baarish ke mausam pe pakore khaane ka maza hi kuch aur hai nahi”….Aarav says right gopi!!…i dont no why but i love pakoras…Gopi smiles amd grabs some pakoras.

Its raining outside…Gopi says wow…i love rain..lets go naa!!…Aarav says are you mad!! will get ill if you go outside…Gopi says nothing will happen and runs towards lawn…Aarav says but gopi…and follws her…

Gopi comes outside and dances.Aarav stares at her and goes forward.Gopi is enjoying rain.Gopi looks at aarav and imagines with him dancing on SUN SAATHIYA SONG….Gopi comes out of dream and sees aarav to dancing in rain.They both dances and smiles looking at each other…



Urmilla says jeetu that she wants to bhog brahmin on today’s Ambe maa pooja…Jeetu permits her.Urmilla thanks him and calls the brahmin for pooja and bhog…Urmilla calls everyone from modi mansion too.

Aashni and jigyasa overhears there plan and smirks.They goes to kitchen.Aashni says the maids that urmilla is calling her.Maids leaves..Aashni mixes wine in brahmin bhog…Jigyasa smirks and says i told you naa yesterday that everyone will laugh at your inlaws…Aashni was you are right…They leaves.

Modi family comes to urmilla’s house…Urmilla hugs rashi and gopi and greets everyone..Kokila says where is pooja going..Urmilla takes her to pooja room.Rashi is about to go but she gets a call from jail.Jigar calls her and says her to forgive.Rashi gets emotional and says you are dead for me…Jigar says not to say like this…but rashi cuts the call…Rashi cries.Gopi puts hand on rashi’s shoulder and calms her…Rashi hugs gopi.SCREEN FREEZES on rashi and gopi’s face…

PRECAP-Brahmin’s were just about to go to eat food but aarav stops them…Urmilla asks what happened…Aarav says that jigyasa and aashni had mixed wine in this food…Jigyasa and aashni gets shocked….Everyone gets shocked!!…

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Sarayumane

    good one

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  2. Nice episode…so interesting…at the same time gopi and rashi shud teach a lesson to jigyasa and aashni…

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  3. Precap is interesting…episode was very good

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    2. Jasmine rahul

      Hi isha…y r u not updating ur ff?

  4. Jasmine rahul

    Urmila teaching a lesson to jigyasa n aashni.funny.gohem rain scene was romantic, rashi didnt forgive jigar.sad

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