Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 3)

Recap-Rashi comforts gopi…ahem’s flashback….jigar turns foe…ahem is alive.

The episode starts with ahem calling someone aunty i came.Ahem enters to the house.The house is shown decorated with balloons and flowers.Madhuri Kapoor(Farida jalal) aka aunty comes and says Aarav you came.Aarav says here is your shopping bag.He gives to madhuri.Aarav says all decorations are ready.Madhuri says yes son i and kamala(maid) had done all decorations.Aarav says now just waiting for her.

A girl is coming at the door.Kamala says baby ji is coming.They all turn off lights.She comes and surprises seeing lights off.She shouts nans…aarav…kamala.Lights turns on.Everyone says Happy birthday Paridhi.Paridhi’s(Lovey sasan) face is shown with a big smile.She says OMG…whats all this.Aarav says its all for you.Paridhi hugs aarav and madhuri and says thankyou so much.Paridhi says i am surprise….you reminsces my birthday.They all smiles.Paridhi cuts the cake and feeds it to aarav and madhuri.They all celebrate her birthday.Aarav sings “Aaj ki party meri taraf se” and they all dances.

Modi mansion…Rashi is waiting for jigar.Jigar comes and asks rashi to close her eyes.Rashi closes her eyes.Jigar wores rashi a diamond necklace.Rashi opens eyes and gets surprised seeing the necklace.Jigar says did you like it.Rashi says like it???…its awsome i love it…thanks jigar ji.Jigar says anything for you and he gets a call.He receives and says i am coming.Jigar goes saying rashi that he is going for a meeting.Rashi worries for jigar but sees her necklace.

Jigar enters in a hotel room.A girl is shown in pink mini skirt.Jigar says hey baby…The girl says seductively i was waiting for you baby…Jigar now i came right.Jigar goes near and falls on bed.Jigar tries to wake but the girl stops her and opens his blazer and kisses him in his cheek.Jigar says just a minute baby i have a surprise for you.Girl says what.Jigar calls Mr.Chhabra.Girl gets shocked seeing her husband Mr.Chhabra.Jigar says welcome Mr.Chhabra now its the true face of your dear wife what you want to say….Mr.Chhabra scolds her wife for making affair with his boss and thanks jigar for telling truth.Girl says you cheated me jigar.Jigar says no you forced me so that i can cheat my wife but let me tell you one thing i love my wife rashi and never i cant betray her.Jigar says her get out.Mr.chhabra drags her wife.Jigar smirks and says cheap woman.He leaves the hotel.

Kokila calls kinjal.Kinjal says hi mom.Kokila says how is your medical studies going.Kinjal says great.Kokila says how is the weather in london.Kinjal says today is cold.Kinjal says mom can you sent me some pics of our renovated house.Kokila says definitely i am sending you.

Urmilla is shown doing makeup.Someone knocks the door.Urmilla says her maid to open the door.Maid says mam someone came to meet you.Urmilla is contuining make up and comes downstairs.Urmilla says yes…and gets shocked seeing her son and daughter in law Saurav(Sharad malhotra) and Aashni(Kratika sengar).Urmilla gets emotional says rudely why did you came here after so many years.They stand dumbstuck.Screen freezes on urmilla’s shocking face.

Precap-Gopi receives the best CEO award of the year.She thanks that today she is here just because of ahem sir and her family.Kids and others clap.Kokila gets emotional.Gopi gets emotional too.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    I thought Jigar is cheating on Rashi.But thank u so much that jigar did that 2 expose was a surprise.Ahem as aarav in Madhuri’s house celebrating Paridhi’s b’day.But who is Paridhi?

  2. WONDERFUL EPISODE , post next epi ASAP OK . waiting

  3. Same I tbought jigar was cheating on Rashi but what a twist lol.

  4. Sarayu(honey)

    Waiting for next episode, thanks for not changing jigar into negative

  5. Hi Jasmine rahul, you seem to be a saathiya fan. So can I ask you something? Why did Samar and Sahir (aka Tolu and molu) call Gopi “pari miss”??????

    1. jasmine Rahul

      I’m not a fan of Saathiya,but i like the ffs over here.Gopi is so good that tolu molu started calling her pari miss

    2. Its because she was working as a teacher in the school wer tolu molu studied and she was very sweet with them…so they got impressed by her sweetness and kind nature and call her pari miss…

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