Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 29)


RECAP-Gopi is ok now…Gopi talks to kokila…


The episode starts with everyone bringing gopi to house.Kokila takes gopi to her room.Madhuri says i think we should leave now…hope gopi will be ok.Madhuri eyes at paridhi.Paridhi understands her idea.Aarav thinks about it and says aunty i want to stay here…Madhuri and other smiles.Madhuri says ok!! I will send your clothes…Aarav agrees.


Urmilla says thank god…gopi is allright!!..Jeetu says yah right urmilla…Aashni comes downstairs saying that really how poor…i thought she is in COMA OR….!!!!Urmilla shouts aashni.Saurav loses his cool….and strangulates aashni.Everyone gets shocked.

Jigyasa frees aashni.Aashni coughs.Saurav says its enough!!!…now..i had decided that i will give you DIVORCE…Aashni gets shocked…Urmilla says but saurav…Saurav says no mom…she had destroyed my life…i will not let her destroy everyone’s life…Aashni shouts “tum aisa nahi karsakte”…and gets out of the house in anger.Saurav fumes.Urmilla calms him.


Rashi gets a call from kids school.Teacher says that kids camp is getting over after one day.Rashi thanks her for reporting.Teacher cuts the call.Rashi cuts the call too.Rashi thinks that what will she say to kids….that there dad is a criminal!!!…She cries.Hetal comforts her and says you dont have to worry…okay..Rashi hugs her.Hetal says everything will be allright…


Aashni is driving car in anger.She reminsces saurav’s words that he will give her divorce.Aashni says you cant leave me…i will not spare you..i wont leave you…Suddenly the car breaks down.Aashni says OMG!!..this bl***y car…she goes to check but unable.She calls a mechanic.Mechanic says it will take 2 hrs for him to reach…Aashni shouts you bl***dy and cuts the call.Aashni starts walking.

Some boys are playing cricket.Aashni walks angrily and ball hits her head.Kids comes to aashni and asks for the ball but aashni shouts them.Kids starts running.Aashni follows them and slips and falls on a cowdung.Kids stops and laughs at her.Aashni shouts OMG!!..EWWWW!!….


Kokila asks aarav to feed gopi…as she is massaging baa’s leg…Aarav says but..Kokila says rashi and motabhabi is preparing dinner.Aarav agrees.Kokila smiles.Kokila goes to baa’s room and says our plan is succesful.Baa smiles.ON THE OTHER HAND….Aarav feeds gopi.Gopi stares at him.Gopi hair falls to mouth so aarav removes it.Gopi smiles.Aarav looks at her.HAMDARD SONG PLAYS…..SCREEN FREEZES on gopi and aarav’s staring faces.

PRECAP-Urmilla says brahmin’s are coming for Puja…she wants give them bhog…Jigyasa and aashni overhears it….They mixes wine in brahmin’s bhog….Jigar calls rashi from jail.Rashi says that he is dead for her…Jigar says dont say like this…Rashi cuts the call…

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Jasmine rahul

    Aarav feeding gopi was sweet.aashni scene was funny.saurav to divorce her.hope she learns a lesson n changes

    1. She is not changing to early…there will be more plots coming….thanks for commenting

  2. Once again a super interesting update….rashi must give second chance to jigar because he loves only her more than anything else….

    1. Thanks for commenting…

  3. Excellent episode…loved the seen of aarav n gopi…aashni scene was damn funny…

    1. Thanks for commenting…

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