Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 27)


Recap-Gopi hides the truth….Aashni steals urmilla’s credit card…Urmilla slaps aashni…jigyasa confronts urmilla…urmilla turns back..


Gopi thinks about aarav’s health and gets tensed.Hetal and kokila comes.Gopi shares her problem with hetal.Hetal hugs gopi and comforts her by saying god snatched our ahem from us and now he is repenting his fault…he will make everything all right.Kokila says motabhabhi is right.Gopi smiles listening their words.


Jigyasa comes to her and starts breaking things.Aashni hears the sound and enters in her room.Jigyasa goes to throw a flower vase but stops seeing aashni.Aashni stops jigyasa and hugs her.Jigyasa angrilly breaks the hug and pushes aashni.Aashni gets shocked.Jigyasa says dont comfort me…let this anger make an area in my heart so i can destroy everything.Aashni smirks and says “Shaabaash”…thats the spirit.Jigyasa says “uss urmilla ki kitni himmat usne mujpar paise pheke…mujhpar.She breaks her phone.Aashni stops her and says “ab gusse unko karna hoga…we had to make a plan.Jigyasa fumes.


Rashi comes downstairs with an oil bottle which was for baa’s legache.She accidentally drops a little bit oil on stairs but not faces it as she was tensed for aarav.Kokila says its raining outside we had to bring clothes from terrace.Gopi says let me go…maaji!!..Kokila agrees.Gopi goes to terrace from another staircase.

Aarav comes to dining table and asks for a glass of water.Rashi gives to him.Aarav was just going to drink water but suddenly gopi comes with clothes.She slips from the stairs and falls on ground.Everyone screams Gopi!!!…Kokila and rashi runs towards gopi.Aarav screams Gopi!!!…His glass falls and breaks into pieces.Aarav runs steps on the glass pieces but ignores it and runs towards gopi.

Gopi gets unconsious.Aarav screams Gopi!!…He gets a flash back of someone’s accident…Kokila cries and tries to wake gopi.Rashi shouts gopi!!!Aarav tries to wake her.Parag says we have to call ambulance…as she is bleeding.Aarav lifts gopi in his arms and takes to hospital.Everyone follows aarav.SAATHIYA TUNE PLAYS and the SCREEN FREEZES.

PRECAP-Urmilla gets a call that gopi had an accident…Urmilla,saurav and jeetu comes to hospital worriedly…Doctor says that…..Everyone gets shocked!!!….

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Wow…awsome episode…

  2. Nandhini

    Once again a super interesting update!! The only difference i saw here is in real serial rashi spills oil on the floor on purpose to make gopi slip but here she does it unknowingly???

  3. Jasmine rahul

    Aashni jigyasa urmila fight was nice.gopis accident was shocking, will ahem remember everything.

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