Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 26)


Recap-Jigyasa’s insults Urmilla….Aarav is not ok…Paridhi’s plan…Jigyasa’s starts her evil plotting…


Its morning….The episode starts with gopi keeping her head on aarav’s belly and sleeping.Aarav goes to wake…Gopi wakes up and immediately leaves the room.Aarav wakes up and tries to reminsce yesterday’s incident but fails.Gopi comes and brings tea for him.Aarav thanks her and says why i am here…Gogi boggles and says because yesterday your health became worsen so….Aarav agrees and goes to get fresh.Gopi hushes and prays kanga ji.


Urmilla and others are having breakfast.Jigyasa comes and join them.Urmilla ignores her and continues breakfast.Jigyasa calls her personal chef and orders him to bring italian dishes…as she cant eat those paratha,dal,sabzi….because it is oily…Urmilla fumes.Chef brings the dishes.Jigyasa starts grabbing.

Aashni goes to urmilla room and steals her credit card from drawer.She thinks now the game is on fire….Aashni takes out her tab and starts online shopping.Aashni smirks


The delivery boy comes and delivers all products.Aashni calls urmilla and says see momji “aapki ke daya se aaj maine yeh sab kharida”…..Urmilla says what you mean.Jigyasa and other comes.Jigyasa says whats the matter aashu…Aashni says i stealed my momji’s credit card and then i had done a shopping of 10 lakhs.Urmilla gets shocked.Aashni goes to gift jigyasa but urmilla throws the give…Aashni shouts how dare you!!!…Urmilla gives aashni a tight slap.Everyone gets shocked.Jigyasa fumes and gets up aashni.Urmilla says aashni…”ek toh pehle tumne hamara sab kuch aapne naam karliya aur ab ye 10 lakhs ki shopping”….Aashni shouts i want you all to sit road.Urmilla raises her hand on aashni but jigyasa holds her hand.Urmilla says to leave her hand.Jigyasa leaves it but strangulates urmilla’s neck.Aashni smirks.Jeetu and saurav tries to free urmilla…Jigyasa says stay away from aashni.She leaves her.Urmilla coughs.Saurav gives him water.

Jigyasa signs a check of 20 lakhs and says…”yeh 20 lakh mere liye 200 rupee ke barabar hai…take it”…She throws it on urmilla’s face.Urmilla fumes.Aashni smirks.Urmilla takes the check and tears it into pieces…she throws it on jigyasa’s face.Aashni shocks.Jigyasa fumes in anger.Urmilla says…”aaj bhi mein dusro ki pheke cheez nahi uthati”….Jigyasa shouts shut up!!!….Urmilla shouts you shut up!!!…Jigyasa fumes.Aashni shocks again.Saurav and jeetu smiles.SCREEN FREEZES on urmilla’s smirky face.

PRECAP-Gopi slips from the stairs…Kokila shouts gopi bahu!!…..Aarav lifts gopi and takes her to hospital.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Jigyasa vs urmilla…Super duper!!

  2. Pls don’t stop your gf
    I start liking it
    So pls continue it??

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