Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 25)


Recap-Aarav faints seeing gopi ahem’s wedding photo….Jigyasa’s thrilling entry….


Aashni breaks the hug with jigyasa and asks her is she feeling good here.Jigyasa says well these house is big but not as mine…its small comparing to mine USA bungalow.Urmilla fumes and says this house is made of my husband’s efforts and our supports….Jigyasa ignores her words and asks Aashu who is she…is your maid!!!…Urmilla gets angry.Aashni smirks and says no no she is my dear mom in law…Jigyasa says i must say she has no fashion sense….Urmilla shouts at aashni to take her maasi to her room…Aashni points eye at jigyasa and smiles…Jigyasa goes with her…


Aarav is lying on bed.Doctor is checking him.Gopi and others are getting worried.Doctor says that after some hours he will get sense…Kokila asks doctor what happened to aarav..why did he fainted???….Doctor says he had got a shock…as he is a patient already facing memory loss…you people had showed him his previous life photos and by this he’s memory is very weak now.Gopi shocks and others too.Kokila says now what…Doctor says dont make it fast to regain his memory…as if he gets another shock…i am sorry he will lost his memory permanently….Whole family gets shattered.Doctor prescribes medicine and leaves.

Gopi cries.Kokila and rashi consoles her.Madhuri feels poor for aarav.Kinjal consoles gopi by saying that very soon he will be allright….Gopi hugs kinjal and rashi.


Aashni brings jigyasa to her room.Aashni says maasimom you had made a fab entry…Jigyasa smiles and says i am always fab.Aashni takes out a beer bottle.Jigyasa says is this…Aashni says yah!!..maasimom its the limited edition…lets swell it.Jigyasa says stop it!!…Aashni says but why..Jigyasa takes the beer bottle and looks at it and says “jab hum dono milkar iss ghar ko barbaad karenge…tab isse piyenge”….Aashni pats on her shoulder and smirks.Jigyasa says dont worry now storm had entered…in your house very soon i will show them there status…Aashni smirks…Jigyasa smirks too.

Urmilla hears their conversation from behind and thinks that i will not let you destroy my house…Mrs. Jigyasa ahluwalia…Jigyasa and urmilla’s photo is shown in collage…


Everyone is sitting in the hall.Gopi says now what???….we have to do this process very slowly.Kokila says to have faith on god.Rashi goes to bring tea for everyone.Paridhi says to gopi that how you and aarav bhai met.Gopi tells her the whole story…Paridhi says good i have an idea…Kokila and madhuri says what you will do.Paridhi smiles.

Aarav is shown lying in the bed.Gopi comes and sits besides aarav.Gopi puts her hand on aarav’s hairs…She peeps and thinks according to paridhi’s plan we have to repeat everything which happened before our wedding that means all moments which happened between me and you…Gopi looks at aarav and gets emotional…PATTA PATTA JANTA HAI SONG PLAYS….SCREEN FREEZES on Gopi’s face.

Precap-Aashni steals urmilla’s credit card and does 10 lakhs shopping…Urmilla slaps aashni…Jigyasa strangulates urmilla and warns her to stay away from aashni….Jigyasa throws 20 lakhs check on urmilla’s face….urmilla tears the check and throws it on jigyasa’s face…

Credit to: Rianaa

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