Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 24)(Special episode)


RECAP-Aashni’s new plan….Aashni threatens urmilla….modis n kapoors having dinner….


The episode starts with gopi’s glad face.Gopi is happy to know that aarav had tasted dhoklas before.Kokila serves him more.Aarav grabs all.Kokila gets emotional after feeding her son.After dinner…Gopi serves jhanjh/lassi to everyone.Gopi goes to give it on aarav’s hand but accidentally it falls on aarav’s shirt.Gopi says i am so sorry.Aarav says no no its my fault..i didnt pay attention.Gopi asks him to go to her washroom in her bedroom which is in the nearest and let the stains be cleaned.Aarav follows gopi’s words and goes to washroom.


Aashni orders all the maids to clean the living room.Urmilla stands at the stairs and thinks whats going on.Aashni sees tulips in a flower vase.She takes it out the throws.She shouts ganga(maid)…Maid comes.Aashni shouts idiot!!…why did you put tulips here…she loves black roses…put it in the vase.Maid brings black roses and puts in the vase.Aashni smiles.Urmilla comes downstairs.Aashni sees urmilla and says come…come momji..i was waiting for you.Urmilla astonishes.Aashni smirks.


Aarav comes out of washroom after cleaning the stain.He turns back and gets shell shocked seeing gopi-ahem’s wedding photoframe.He starts getting blurred flashbacks.Aarav says who is this???…is that me??…he just looks like me…He reminsces the day when they he saved gopi from the goons….Gopi shouts you are my husband,my love,my everything….Aarav reminsces it and starts getting strong headache.He slowly falls on ground and gets unconsious.

Kokila says gopi to go to her room and check why aarav is not coming….she feels worried.Madhuri and hetal says we should check.Gopi says you all stay here i am going.Rashi thinks hope everything will be ok.

Gopi pushes the door and says ahe…no aarav ji…Gopi sees aarav lying in ground in unconsious state.Gopi gets shocked and screams ahem sir!!!.Everyone runs towards the room.Kokila and rashi shouts seeing aarav.Madhuri and hetal cries.Gopi sprinkles water on aarav’s face but he is unable to wake up.Parag calls doctor.


Aashni is waiting for the woman.Urmilla and saurav is sitting in sofa.Jeetu comes and gives water to urmilla.Aashni calls the lady.The lady says i am just coming….you know what i told…”toofan aanewala hai”…Aashni smirks.Suddenly…there a storm take place.People starts running here and there.Radha-krishna idols starts shaking.Saurav holds it.Urmilla fears.Storm stops.Aashni laughs evilly and says she was right!!!…she’s always right.

Three long cars comes and stops at the compound.Some guards comes and opens the car door.The lady comes out of the car…her ring is shown.She look at the house and smirks.She enters at the doorstep.All get shocked seeing her.Aashni smiles and says Maasimom….The lady face is shown with special effects.She smirks.Urmilla says who is she???….Aashni goes to say but the lady stops her and introduces herself as Jigyasa Ahluwalia[Ashwini kalsekar]…Aashni hugs jigyasa.Jigyasa says its veen long time to see you darling!!…Aashni hugs her again.Jigyasa looks at urmilla and greets her.Urmilla hesitantly greets.SCREEN FREEZES ON JIGYASA’S SMIRKY FACE.

PRECAP-Doctor checks aarav and says something which is muted…Gopi and others get shocked…Jigyasa says aashni dont worry..i had entered now…

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    ahem saw gohem wedding pics n gopi told him that he is her was thrilling.but due 2 that he fainted.oh…ashni’s maasi has come.excited to know that its jigyasa from kasam se

    1. Actually…her name on kasam seh was Jigyasa walia…but for a change i had added Ahluwalia…as like her as an antagonist…

  2. Sarayumane

    NICE…………, AND SUPERB…………………..

  3. Nandhini

    Super interesting! And jigyasa’s intro was really nice and fiery! Waiting for what she is upto….

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