Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 23)


I dont no what happened but since 3-4 days i am continuously posting my ff but its not flashing in the website….Feeling weird for it????…sorry guys but its not my fault????….ok lets start again…..

Recap-Gopi invites kapoors for dinner….Tiff amid Urmilla and Aashni….Aashni not to give up….

The episode starts with gopi and rashi cooking for dinner.Rashi is distressed.Gopi asks her to go to her room and have rest.Rashi asks her to forget it and lets continue making food.Gopi says its been years that i had made food for ahem sir…hope he will like it.Rashi smiles and says definitely he will like it.They continues cooking.

Urmilla house….Aashni is shown talking to a lady.The lady’s backside is shown having closely packed hairs.Aashni says pls come soon i need your help.The lady says dont worry honey…when i will you will see the storm had entered.Aashni smirks.The lady laughs in an evil manner.The lady asks her to be strong…Aashni says yes and cuts the call.Aashni says “ab aayega maza”…

Urmilla and saurav is having conversation.Urmilla says saurav i dont think aashni will give up…she will definitely do something that will harm us.Saurav asks her not to worry as he is there as her shield.Urmilla smiles.

Evening…Aarav,paridhi and maithli enters.Aarav gets minor blurred fashbacks seeing modi mansion…hetal and others gets emotional seeing him.Gopi brings juice for everyone.They all have a long chat.

Urmilla house….Urmilla is ironing clothes.Suddenly aashni comes and goes to put the iron on urmilla’s hand.Urmilla shouts what is she trying to do??….Aashni laughs and says my dear momji…get ready for the upcoming storm which will destroy all of you.Urmilla says what you mean to say??…Aashni says just wait and watch!!!…Urmilla gets frightened.

Modis and kapoors are having dinner.Hetal serves pakoras to paridhi.Paridhi says aunty i am on diet.Rashi gives her a tissue and says to bring out the oil by pakoras with tissue…Paridhi smiles and applies it…Rashi says dont worry just grab it…All laughs.Aarav says whats this dish called??…Kokila says its dhokla..Gopi serves it to aarav.Aarav tastes it and says i had tasted it before!!!…Everyone gets glad to hear that.Kokila eyes at gopi.Gopi smiles.

Precap-Gopi accidentaly throws juice on aarav’s shirt and asks him to go to washroom and clear it….Aarav goes to washroom and clears it…He comes out and gets shell shocked seeing gopi-ahem’s marriage photoframe.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. OMG!!….What is aashni’s plan….

    1. jasmine Rahul

      Isha…y r u not updating ur ff?Missing it

      1. Sorry to wait to you all….actually i faced the same problem lyk rianaa n may be others i will updt. nxt on 4 july

  2. Nandhini

    Woww! Its getting more interesting in each episode!

  3. jasmine Rahul

    Who is that lady with aashni?What is aashni’s plan?Hope she doesnt succeed.Ahem reached Modi house.guess he is getting his memory back.Precap is so interesting

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