Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 22)

Recap-Gopi and aarav’s meeting….Gopi invites kapoor’s for dinner…Urmilla buries aashni’s sarees…Aashni not to give up….

The episode starts with gopi and rashi cooking food for dinner.Rashi feels distressed.Gopi asks her to go and rest…Rashi says forget it gopi…lets continue.Rashi says gopi “aaj tu khush toh bohot hai na”….because you are making food for jiju after many years.Gopi yes rashi…and you see i will won his heart by my cooking.Gopi smiles.

URMILLA’S HOUSE….Aashni calls a lady and says i need your help…pls come.The lady’s backside is shown….SPECIAL EFFECTS…Lady says dont worry honey…when i will come everyone will get to know the storm had entered.Aashni smirks.The lady cuts call.Aashni says now there will be fun….

Urmilla talks to saurav that aashni will not give up….she will try to destroy us again and again.Saurav gives her medicine and says not to worry…have faith on god.Urmilla calms down.

EVENING….MODI MANSION…Aarav and others comes for dinner.Hetal,baa,parag and chirag gets emotional seeing ahem/aarav.Aarav sees the whole house and gets some minor blurred flashbacks.Aarav asks for water.Gopi gives water to him.They have a long conversation.

URMILLA’S HOUSE…Urmilla is ironing clothes.Aashni comes and takes the iron..she goes to put it on urmilla’s hands.Urmilla shouts.Aashni laughs evilly and says My dear momji…your peace will not exist long…get ready for the upcoming storm…Urmilla frightens and says what???….What do you mean…Aashni smirks and says just wait and watch….Urmilla feels distressed.

Modis and kapoor’s are having dinner.Madhuri says so many dishes…Paridhi says kokila aunty..i am on diet..Rashi says dont worry…just have it.Paridhi starts with the salad first.Gopi serves dhokla’s to aarav.Aarav reminsces some blurred moments…and says i had ate it before???…Gopi and others shocks hearing that.Gopi smiles and prays to kanha ji that ahem may get his memory back…Screen freezes on Gopi’s smiling face.

Precap-Aarav’s shirt gets wet by orange juice…Gopi says aarav to go to her washroom which is in the nearest corner….Aarav comes out of washroom after getting clean…He sees Gopi-ahem’s wedding day photo and gets shell shocked.

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