Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 20)

Recap-Jigar in jail….rashi’s devastate…urmilla confronts aashni…gopi n aarav romance….

The episode starts with Gopi and aarav bump into each other.Gopi stares at aarav.Aarav stands up.Gopi shys.Aarav says you.Gopi says hi i am Gopi ahem modi…CEO of modi industries.Aarav says modi industries…his words echoes.Gopi says yah!!…Actually i met Mrs. Madhuri kapoor and she told me that they are coming to india to start their new branch in mumbai,India..Aarav says yes aunty had told me.Gopi says i like these kind of lawns were couple spent some moments together.Aarav astonishes…he gets a minor flashback…that two couple are dancing in the lawn…but he cant recognise it.Aarav gets headaches.Gopi shocks and takes him to madhuri.

URMILLA’S HOUSE…All are having breakfast.Aashni comes and sits at the chair.Urmilla says that is saurav’s dad chair.Aashni says who cares.Urmilla gets angry but saurav calms her.Aashni thinks to do some mischief…she pushes the dal bowl and throw it on urmilla’s saree.Aashni says Oooops…sorry.Aashni smirks.Urmilla says my saree….she rushes to aashni’s room.All follows urmilla.Urmilla unlocks aashni’s wardrobe and throws all sarees.Aashni shouts what are you doing…Urmilla puts kerosene on saree and lights all sarees.Aashni shocks.Urmilla shouts.Aashni cries my sarees…you old womaniya…she goes to slap urmilla but urmilla holds her hand and pushes her.Aashni falls on floor.Urmilla and saurav smirks.

Gopi is shown sitting with paridhi and madhuri.Aarav sees gopi’s face….and reminsces that did he saw these face before???….Gopi says so Mr.kapoor how are you feeling now.Aarav says nice.Gopi reminsces a scene….FB STARTS.

Ahem and gopi is working on a presentation.Suddenly ahem starts getting headache.Gopi brings green tea for him.Ahem keeps his head on gopi’s lap.Gopi massages on ahem’s head.Ahem sleeps.Gopi smiles staring at him.FB ENDS.

Gopi gets teary eyed…Madhuri says are you ok.Gopi says yes its allright.Gopi says we talk about the presentation in our house.Aarav says your house??..madhuri says aarav actually gopi had invited us in their house for dinner.Aarav agrees.Gopi smiles.Madhuri and paridhi smiles too.

Aashni orders everyone to get out…All leaves.She closes the door and sees saree ashes.Aashni screams in anger and breaks things.Aashni vows to destroy this family and smirks and screen freezes.

Precap-Aarav,paridhi and madhuri comes to modi mansion…..Gopi serves aarav food.Aarav says what is this dish called??..Kokila says its dhokla.He thinks he had tasted it before??…

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    aashni deserved what urmila did.but wonder what will do 4 revenge.gohem fb scene was romantic

  2. Woww urmila unexpected action!! She can just kick aashni out of the house!

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