Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 2)

Recap-Leap of ten years….kids are shown….gopi is crying for ahem…

The episode starts with gopi shown crying and rashi comforts her.Rashi says you know that its since 8 years that ahem passed.Gopi stops rashi and says i know that rashi ben but i dont believe this.FB starts…

Modi family shown celebrating Gopi’s birthday in a cruise.Kokila blesses her.Ahem and gopi is shown doing romance at the edge of cruise.Rashi shouts weather is changing.Ahem and gopi goes inside the cruise.Giant sea waves appears and Cruise starts shaking.Passengers starts shouting.Ahem leaves gopi’s hand and pushes her to kokila.Gopi and others shouts.Rain shower and thunder starts.Cruise shaking badly and ahem moves at the edge.He is about to fall and shouts gopi.Gopi holds his hands but ahem’s hand slips and he falls in the ocean.Ahem screams Gopi.Gopi screams Ahem sir.Kokila cries ahem.Gopi felt shocked and faints.

At morning….Gopi shouts were is ahem.Rescue team says that we didnt get his body so we are sorry Mr.Ahem Modi is no more.Modi family starts howling and cries loudly.Gopi sees her daughter niharika and turns into a stone in shock.FB ends.

Gopi says i know rashi ben my ahem sir is alive.Rashi hugs her.Gopi cries looking at ahem’s photo.

Modi office…Jigar shouts at a worker and says you all are useless and you all does the only work before salary day..Idiots….I want the presentation before tomorrow morning.Jigar goes to his cabin and sees ahem garland done dry.He shouts Ravi.Ravi(worker) comes.Jigar says didnt you changed ahem’s garland.Ravi changes the garland and goes.Jigar goes to ahem’s photo and breaks it.Jigar smirks evilly and says good that you left this world else how i can sit in this chair.He sits in the arm chair and gets up his legs and jigar reminsces the day when ahem insulted him and shouted at him that he cant do anything.Jigar says these all are just show off and everyone thinks that i miss you but i know the truth.He smirks at ahem’s broken photo.


The city is shown.A car passes through the street and the man sings while driving in his convertile car..Meh laapata…that man is shown coming to a house with a shopping bag wearing grey half jacket showing his chest and black jeans.Its ahem….his face his shown.He says i came Aunty and the screen freezes.

Precap-Jigar gifts rashi a diamond necklace.Rashi says its awsome.He gets a call and says rashi that he is going for an important meeting and goes.Rashi worries.Jigar comes to hotel and says hey baby….A girl is shown in pink short skirt.Jigar goes near her and falls on bed.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    during gopi’s b’day party in d cruise due 2 rain n thunder it shook n ahem fell into sea?oh no..but he is living in some other place.waiting 4 gohem meeting.i’m shocked that jigar turned -ve.he is happy that ahem is not there so he is d ruler of modis.he was so nice in d precap he is cheating rashi digest this -ve jigar.sad 4 rashi

  2. Woww really diffrent version of the current story! So jigar is the vamp now….Keep updating regularly dear….

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