Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 19)

Recap-Rashi hears the truth….aashni’s evillness…..rashi confronts jigar…


The episode starts with Police station.Jigar is shown sitting in a devastated way.He reminsces his old days and thinks how he became so cruel for money…how he had changed so for money…rashi had broke all relations with me.Police constable comes and throws food to him.He reminsces.FB STARTS.

Rashi is shown waiting for jigar sitting on dining table.She thinks its been midnight 1 pm…jigar ji didnt came now also.She sleeps on dining table after eating.Jigar comes and sees her sleeping.Jigar smiles and changes quickly and comes downstairs.He wakes up rashi and apologises for being late.Rashi says i am bringing dinner for you.Jigar feeds rashi and rashi feeds jigar.They smiles and does dinner.FB ENDS.Jigar cries and thinks he destroyed everything by his hands.He throws the food in anger.

MODI MANSION…..Gopi knocks rashi’s room door and says see rashi ben i had brought food for you…gopi pushes the door.She sees the room full of darkness.Gopi keeps the food aside and says rashi ben whats this…you didnt open the windows.Gopi opens the windows and rashi’s face is shown…sitting in a corner of the room.Rashi’s face is shown fully devastated.Gopi gives food to rashi and says rashi ben “aapne do din se kuch nahi khaaya hai….pls kuch toh khaalijiye”…Rashi looks at gopi and then on the food.She takes the food and throws it.Rashi shouts gopi…i told you naa i dont want to eat anything.Gopi calms rashi.Gopi feels sad for rashi and leaves her room.She cries and hold the balcony railing and prays to kanha ji to overcome rashi ben from this problem.

URMILLA’S HOUSE….Urmila comes downstairs and sees new furniture in the hall.She goes to mandir and does pooja.Urmilla is shown standing with aarti thali and singing “aarti kunj bihari ki”…Aashni interferes her aarti and throws the aarti thali.Urmilla shouts how dare you??…Aashni yells if you want to do pooja then without aarti else i will never let you do pooja.Urmilla gets angry.Aashni shouts “aaise ghur ghur kya dekh rahi hain”…go and do your work.Urmilla goes near aashni and gives her a tide slap.Aashni falls on floor…”Jai ambe maa namo namo” chant plays.Urmilla shouts this is my house and i will not bare your any of the torture…understand you cheap woman.Aashni shouts you bl**dy.Urmilla slaps her again and shouts you are the bl**dy not me.Aashni looks at her angrily.Urmilla smirks.

Aarav is shown in his hotel getting ready for visiting the mumbai.Madhuri talks to kokila that they are ready for the plan.Aarav says what plan??…Madhuri gets shocked and says beta i was talking to our hotel manager.Aarav agrees.Kokila says okay madhuri ben we are also ready.Aarav goes to the hotel lawn where rainfall was going.Aarav enjoys the rain.Gopi just comes at that moment to visit aarav.Kokila says gopi had left for your hotel.Gopi sees aarav enjoying rain.She goes near but her leg slips and she bumps into aarav…GERUA SONG PLAYS…Gopi and aarav looks at each other and the screen freezes.

Precap-Gopi tries to recall aarav their moments…aarav starts getting minor flashbacks…Aashni throws dal on urmilla’s saree.Urmilla goes to aashni room and buries her all sarees.Aashni shocks.Urmilla smirks.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    raji fb scene was so good.gud that jigar is regretting.poor rashi.loved urmila slapping aashni.gohem rain scene with gerua song was so romantic

  2. Sarayumane

    Finally gopi and a arav, very cute

  3. Nice episode keep going

  4. Nandhini

    Jigar realized his mistake….now rashi has to get over from the pain and forgive jigar….

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