Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 18)

Recap-India calling aarav….hetal brings meethi home…Aashni’s cease property…

The episode starts modis enter to modi mansion.Hetal is shown sitting in sofa.Gopi wakes up hetal and asks what happened???…Hetal ignores it and says you all came i will make tea for you all.Kokila asks were is meethi???…Hetal gets astonished.Baa tries to spoke everything but hetal stops her.Kokila says what baa wanted to tell us.Hetal ignores again and goes to kinjal and asks her after how many days you came beta…Kinjal smiles.Rashi says whats all this going…what happened pls let us know.Hetal hesitates and exposes all the truth.Everyone get shocked.Kokila goes to see meethi.She sees meethi is sleeping wearing bandages.Gopi says i cant believe these devar ji had done all….Rashi interupts and shouts no no jigar ji cannot do this…he is my jigar ji…he cannot these.She devastates and sits on floor.Gopi cries seeing rashi’s state and calms her.Kokila gets angry on jigar deeds.

Urmilla’s house….Aashni laughs evilly and throws and breaks all things.And says i had decided that we will have new furnitures for hall…its very old….She calls some goons.Aashni orders them to breaks all things.Goons starts breaking things.Jeetu says dont that vase my father had gifted me on our anniversary.But aashni smirks and breaks the vase and says then i dont want anything related to old memories….Jeetu cries.Saurav takes urmilla and jeetu their room.

Rashi is sitting devastated on floor.Police brings jigar to home.Jigar is shown afraid and apologises to all.Gopi shouts i cant believe that you can be so cheap!!!…i feel pity for rashi ben.Hetal grabs jigar and slaps him for this and says police to put in jail forever.Kokila shouts that i was proud for you but you broke my proud….All shouts at jigar.Rashi slowly moves towards jigar.Jigar says rashi i….i am…rashi gives him a tight slap.He falls on floor.Rashi shouts that you are not that jigar whom i married…you had broked my trust…but i will says to my kids that there father murders people…Jigar cries vigourously.Rashi slaps him one more and yells that i am not your wife from today onwards…you are dead for me today onwards.Gopi tries to calm rashi but rashi says “aapne mere sindoor ka masaak uraya hai”…jigar cries no rashi…no.Rashi rubbs her sindoor and throws her mangalsutra on jigar’s face.

All get shocked.Rashi shouts from today i am a widow.Jigar shouts no.Rashi shouts i was so happy that jiju is alive…i was dying to tell you that your bhai is alive but you had destroyed my happiness.You wanted that ahem jiju never returns…but he returned for us…for gopi..she yells.He is alive but you had died today…She gets heartbroken.Chirag shouts to take him to jail.Hetal shouts yes..”isse kari se kari saza dijiye”…Police takes him to jail.Jigar cries.Rashi goes to her room and locks it.Gopi shouts rashi ben pls open the door.Rashi throws things and cries.Jigar is shown in jeep regretting for his mistake…JUDAAI SONG PLAYS….Screen freezes on Rashi and Jigar’s face.

Precap-Gopi bumps into aarav….they have an eyelock….GERUA SONG PLAYS...

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  1. Nandhini

    Ohh so heart-breaking episode! So Rashi has to stay alone in modi bhavan hereafter….

  2. Sarayumane

    Now jigar is regretting, can’t see rashi in pain, anyways today’s episode is very good

  3. I like your ff

  4. Ufffff, jigar I hate him, negative in here and in the real serial also

    1. I am sorry, I typed sarayu by seeing her name up, my name is ragini

      1. Why is my name coming as sarayu????????

      2. jasmine Rahul

        Are u the writer Ragini?If so plz update ur ff

  5. jasmine Rahul

    aashni is troubling all.jigar is arrested.poor rashi.she disowned him.Jigar seems 2 b regretting.Will RaJi unite?

  6. Ye saab kya he

    1. Ye ek ff hai

  7. Raji seen was very sad….interesting precap

  8. Feeling sad for rashi…nyc episode…

  9. Love this- this is amazing. I’ve just catched up on Season 2. Please continue.

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