Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 17)


Recap-Ahem cannot recognise kokila….meethi is ok now…kokila learns the truth….

The episode starts with kokila and rashi comes to kinjal’s house.Urmilla had been discharged.She is shown sitting in the sofa with gopi.Gopi asks maaji your shopping completed???…..were are the shopping bags.Kokila astonished.She says why did you lied me maaji…kokila says gopi bahu.Rashi says gopi we was to inform you but…Gopi shout but…but what rashi ben!!…”aap log mere ahem sir se milne gaye aur mujhe nahi le gaye…mom ne mujhe sab bataya”…urmilla moves her head.Kokila apologises to her.Gopi asks is everything allright???….Rashi says everything to everyone.Jeetu says ahem doesnt recognised anyone.Rashi says yes dad.Gopi smiles that ahem sir is coming with us in India.Kokila pats on her shoulder.Gopi says i have to say this to my kids.Kokila says yah we forgot it about kids….we have to inform them.Rashi says gopi today i am very happy for you.Kinjal smiles.Gopi says you see rashi ben very soon my ahem sir will come to me.Rashi hugs gopi.

Paridhi and madhuri surprises aarav by saying that we are going to India.Aarav says India???….but where…Madhuri says mumbai…for a vacation.Aarav says suddenly India.Aarav will be full of fun as i heard that India is a beautiful place.Paridhi says yah bro…very cool.Madhuri says to go and pack bags.Aarav rushes to his room.Paridhi says i hope that bro soon get his memory back.Madhuri smiles.

Hetal is in a distressed manner comes with meethi and baa.Hetal takes meethi to her room.She thinks how my jigar can do this….its impossible.Baa cries that dont no why god is punishing us.Baa calms hetal.She gets a call from kokila that they are coming tomorrow alongwith kinjal and ahem too but he will come seperately with madhuri and paridhi.Hetal is in emotionless she smiles but fadely.

Urmilla’s house….Aashni breaks the locker and steals the house and their business share holding papers and prints her name on it.Aashni smirks and thinks that saurav is not in home so its the right time.She calls lawyer.Lawyers says her for this she have to take urmilla’s permission.Aashni checks a diary and sees urmilla’s handwriting.She copies it and signs as Urmilla shah.Lawyer says now you are the owner of 60 percent of this house and business.Aashni laughs evilly.


They all reaches mumbai airport.Urmilla and jeetu comes to their house.Saurav comes and welcomes them.Saurav hugs urmilla.Jeetu asks him to mend his ways.Aashni comes downstairs.All looks at Aashni.Aashni is shown in red saree wearing sleeveless blouse and lots of jewellery and curly hairs.Aashnnu says hello mom ji and daddy ji.Jeetu shouts how dare she to wear urmilla’s jewellery.Aashni says dear daddy ji..”jab yeh ghar mera hai toh jewelleries bhi meri hui ki nahi”…All get shocked.Aashni shows the papers that from today she is the owner of 60 percent of this house and business.All get shell shocked.Urmilla shouts at aashni.Aashni says shout…more shout but who will to you all.Saurav shouts aashni and tries to slap her but aashni holds his hands and twists it.Aashni gives Saurav a tight slap and says i always had used you…i never loved you all was drama…she screams.Urmilla fears.Jeetu gets angry.Aashni laughs evilly and screen freezes on her wicked face.

Precap-Rashi comes to know all about jigar.Rashi cries vigourously.Police brings jigar to modi mansion.Gopi shouts at jigar and Rashi slaps him.All get shocked.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Aashni forged Urmila’s signature n acquired property n jewellery.Now she herself revealed her truth 2 others.Poor Urmila.when she returned this is wht she got.Aashni slappedsaurav too.oh…what will they do now?

  2. Nice, I like your writing

  3. Aashni revealed her tru colors in front of all….nice episode

  4. Nandhini

    Somebody pls kill dat Aashni or kick her out! Poor hetal??….she is ashamed of her son’s deeds….a mother’s pain for her children is really unbearable….and… very interesting precap…..

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