Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 14)


Recap-Hetal overjoys the news….jigar felt distressed….jigar’s furious n madness….kokila’s emotions….jigar STABS meethi…..

The episode starts with jigar comes outside modi mansion.He thinks its good that i stabbed meethi.He reminsces the scene….FB STARTS…

Jigar talks to someone in phone.He says i will pay your 200 crores within this month.That man says i dont no anything and you have to pay tomorrow and not 200 crores its 400 crores because you exceeded your time limit.Jigar shouts 400 crores….He says i will call you later.Jigar cuts call and turns and is shocked to see meethi.Meethi says jigar bhai how can you do this with modis…i will say everyone….i will expose you.Jigar thinks if meethi says everyone…all will throw him out.Jigar follows meethi.FB ENDS.

Jigar says but now i have to flee from here.Jigar thinks if he goes in car he will be caught.Jigar takes a cab and leaves.

London….Kokila and rashi finds aarav’s address.Rashi views “The Kapoor Villa”…Kokila holds rashi and says i am getting excited.Rashi gets glad too.

Meethi is shown lying in floor and bleeding.Hetal shouts meethi..meethi..meethi where are you…Hetal sees blood on floor.She goes upstairs following blood and sees lying wounded on floor.Hetal screams meethi…meethi wake up..wake up meethi she cries.Hetal calls other family members.Parag,chirag,baa…comes.Baa cries seeing meethi…Hetal how did this happen???…baa says.Hetal says i dont know baa.Parag calls ambulance and they takes meethi to hospital.

Kokila rings calling bell.Madhuri opens the door.Kokila says hello is this aarav’s house??…Madhuri says yah!!…but who are you two.Kokila says we came to meet aarav here.Madhuri says yes pls. come inside.Kokila and rashi enters.

Lifeline Hospital…Modis admit meethi in hospital.Doc says she is bleeding too much we have to take her for operation.Hetal says do something doc.Doc takes meethi to operation theatre.

Kokila and rashi views the house.Madhuri says you two sit here…i am bringing snacks.Kokila denies but madhuri convinces her.Kokila gets eager to see aarav.Screen freezes on kokila’s face.

Precap-Hetal says baa whats all this going with us.Meethi’s operation is continuing….Kokila and aarav comes face to face.Kokila rushes to aarav and hugs him.Aarav feels emotionally weird.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Sarayumane

    Please post daily please

    1. I m extremely sorry…actually due to some problems i discontinued but from now i will updates daily

  2. jasmine Rahul

    sad to see jigar turning evil.what exactly did jigar do…i’m confused.kokila aarav meeting was so emotional.hope they will show ahem’s pics with modis n gopi

  3. Nandhini

    Missed ur fan fic….was waiting for a long time….its too bad jigar turned soo cruel…then wat wil happen to rashi’s state?! She wil be so depressed after knowing her hubby’s true identity….

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