Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 13)

Recap-Kokila hears ahem is alive…hetal slaps jigar….Gopi n aarav talks…Aarav cant recognise gopi…

The episode starts with kokila calling hetal.Hetal greets kokila.Kokila cries motabhabi…ahem is alive.Hetal bursts in happiness and cries…she gives the news to baa.Baa thanks god.Jigar comes to house.Hetal says jigar that ahem is alive.Jigar gets shell shocked.He thinks about his power…rule over modis everything got wasted.Jigar shouts how it is possible and rushes to his room.Hetal continues talking.

Jigar comes to his room.He locks the door and removes his suit and tie and throws it.He gets furious and starts breaking things.Hetal hears a sound but very less and ignores it.She goes alongwith baa and kids to mandir.She goes mad and continues breaking…he screams no….i wont tolerate all these.

London…Gopi wakes up and thinks about ahem.Kokila and rashi says urmilla ben is ok now.Kokila ask doc. can we meet urmilla ben.Doc. permits.They goes to meet urmilla.Urmilla wakes up slowly and holds kokila’s hands and thanks her.Kokila says jeetu bhai has gone to buy medicines.Kokila says there is a marvellous news.Urmilla says what??…Rashi says mom…ahem jiju is alive.Urmilla gets very glad hearing the news.They all have a hug.

Modi mansion…Jigar’s room is shown full of broken things.Jigar is shown drinking wine from a bottle.He fumes in anger.

London…Kokila thinks ahem didnt recognise us…why???…she says rashi and urmilla ben it can also happen that he lost his memory…Rashi says yah right kakiji!!!…Rashi searches ahem’s image on fb but sees it is blocked.She checks that instead of ahem a man….lookalike is shown…whose name is written.Rashi says aarav kapoor.Kokila says what???…..Rashi yah kakiji…its aarav kapoor…he totally looks lyk jiju….kokila checks and kisses on aarav’s photos.Rashi and urmilla emotionally smiles.Kokila says to find his address.Rashi finds the address and they leaves to find aarav.

Meethi checks jigar room and sees the room destroyed.She shocks seeing all.Jigar comes from back and stabs meethi with a knife.Special effects are shown.Jigar smirks and thinks “bohot shock tha meri jaasusi karne kaa ab kar”….Jigar takes out the knife and says i will not let anyone to know my truth.Screen freezes on his evil face.

Precap-Kokila and rashi comes to aarav’s house.Kokila rings the calling bell.Madhuri opens the door……Hetal screams meethi!!…meethi is shown lying on floor.Hetal and baa cries and takes her too hospital alongwith parag and chirag….

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    jigar is insecure abt ahem being alive.he is scared of losing his he broke things.but Meethi saw only broken things.right?then why did he stab her?very sad 2 c Jigar turning completely negative.If he becomes negative what will poor rashi do?Hope they will trace Ahem soon as they got Aarav’s address.hope they wont mistake him 4 just a look alike of ahem

  2. Nandhini

    Why did jigar kill meethi?!! Has he gone stupid after hearing ahem’s news?? So it seems he will become the new vamp here….interesting??….

    1. Meethi will not be killed else who will do modi house works(lol)….

  3. Sarayumane

    oh no, you made jigar a villain, anyways episode is pretty good

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