Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 12)


Recap-Hetal comes for kids….Goons attack gopi….Aarav saves her….Gohem’s first meet after 10 years….

The episode starts with kokila sitting in the hospital chair.Kokila thinks were is rashi and gopi.Rashi shockingly enters in gladness in the corridor.Rashi’s hands beats a vase and it falls and breaks.Kokila worries and holds rashi and asks what happened.Rashi says kakiji…kakiji.Kokila says what kakiji???….speak clearly.Rashi says kakiji ahem jiju is alive….yes he is alive!!!!….Kokila hears ahem’s name and reminsces his face.She falls on chair in shock.Rashi cries in happiness vigourously.Kokila says ahe… ahem dikra is alive!!…Rashi says yes kakiji your ahem dikra is alive.Kokila cries vigourously.Kokila shouts where is he…i want to him…Rashi and kokila goes.

Hetal comes to modi’s office.Hetal asks for jigar.Receptionist says he is in a meeting.Hetal rushes towards conferrence room.Jigar shocks seeing hetal.Hetal comes towards jigar.Jigar says mom…you here???…Hetal slaps jiagr.Jigar shocks.Hetal shouts how dare you to leave my grandsons and granddaughters alone in movie mall.Jigar gets angry.Hetal sees business clients and says i will confront you at home.Jigar fumes.Hetal goes.Jigar hears everyone’s discussion and fumes.

Kokila and rashi comes outside.Rain is going on.Gopi is shown sitting like a stone.Kokila shouts ahem…ahem.Rashi shouts ahem jiju.Kokila asks rashi where is ahem??? and sees gopi heartbroken.Kokila grabs gopi and asks what happened???…Gopi looks at kokila and hugs and cries vigourously by saying maaji.FB STARTS.

Aarav and gopi looking at each other.Gopi eyelock breaks and hugs aarav tightly.Gopi says ahem sir…where was you…we thought you died for us.Aarav stands dumbstuck.Gopi touches his chest,hands and face and says you are my ahem sir right…After sometime…aarav speaks who are you???…i dont no you.Gopi gets shell shocked.Aarav says pls. leave me mam.Gopi grabs him and says i am gopi…your wife..your love…your life.Aarav thinks what is she talking.Aarav gets confuse and leaves her hand.He leaves from there.Gopi screams no..dont go..ahem sir pls dont go.She runs towards his car but unable to catch him.Gopi sits heartbroken.FB ENDS.

Kokila takes gopi to hospital waiting room.Rashi gives her water.Gopi throws it and says “mujhe paani nahi chahiye rashi ben mujhe sirf mere ahem sir chahiye”….Rashi calms her.Kokila says let gopi leave alone.They leaves.

Aarav comes near beach and cries peeps thinking about gopi’s condition.He thinks who am i…i dont no anything…who i am???…whats my identity…He sits devastately on sand and cries.IK TU HI NAA JAANE(1ST STANZA &2ND STANZA PLAYS)…..Gopi cries thinking all and stares ahem’s photos.IK TU HI NAA JAANE(LAST STANZA PLAYS)….Gopi cries and aarav cries too.Screen freezes on there faces.

Precap-Jigar rushes to his room and starts breaking things…..Kokila says it can also happen that ahem loses his memory…rashi says yah right kakiji..

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. nice twist didn’t know that aarav lost his memory, i thought he knew he was ahem but acting to be aarav. but did ahem and gopi marry? if they did why does gopi call ahem sir???????

    1. I think you didnt saw my previous ff season 1…..its ok….actually gopi n ahem along with jigar n rashi got married….and gopi calls ahem as ahem sir bcoz in the first some episodes i wrote that gopi is an attendant of modis and ahem is his boss…so she calls him ahem sir and after they got married she continued….

  2. jasmine Rahul

    hetal slapping jigar was shocking.sad that since ahem didnt remember gopi he left gopi alone.gopi said she just needs her ahem sir was sad.ahem is disturbed abt his identity n is crying.he shud’nt have been rude 2 gopi.bcz he knew he has memory he shud’ve atleast thought if gopi was right.he did foolishness.hope gopi proves that aarav is ahem n brings back his memory

    1. Whoever is in dat situation will do the same only dear….ahem is helpless dat time so did like dat….

    2. Thanks for commenting

  3. Now rashi and kokila found out ahem is alive….so definitely they wil do something….

    1. Thanks for commenting

  4. Sad episode…

    1. Thanks for commenting

  5. even thought sad episode some other day ahem may gain his memory back but the great news is ahem is alive

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