Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 10)


Recap-Urmilla’s condition….Gopi books tickets…Angry saurav confronts Aashni…Flight arrives.

The episode starts with airplane landing to london airport.London is shown.All comes to their modi house in london.Kinjal welcomes them.Kokila informs all to kinjal.Kinjal expresses her feelings and says urmilla aunty is a jolly person..hope she would be allright.Gopi says and rashi ben we are going to Orion hospital to check mom.Kokila says when is her operation.Gopi says after 8 hrs…..its a major operation of 48 hrs.Kokila prays to her krishna bhagwan.

Saurav is shown drinking wine from a bottle and lying in a sofa.Aashni goes to urmilla’s room and stealing all jewelleries.She is a beautiful diamond necklace.She wores it and smiles….Aashni says “uss buriya se zyaada ye mujhpar suit karta hai”…She tries another one.Saurav thinks about urmilla’s condition and drinks more.Saurav walks towards urmilla’s room.Aashni wears jewelleries and laughs evilly.She takes out money.Saurav comes to the room and sees aashni.Aashni turns and shocks seeing saurav.Saurav throws the bottle and breaks it.Aashni says “main toh bas”….Saurav takes the jewellery and money from her amd keeps inside the cupboard.Saurav grabs aashni and slaps her…and says “mere maa ke jewellery chori karegi tu…haan”….Aashni shocks.Aashni sees saurav in drunk condition and thinks he cant do anything whenever he is drunk.Aashni shouts it was our plan idiot…did you forget that.

Aashni pushes saurav and locks the door.Aashni reminsces her insult and slaps saurav.Saurav is in unconsious state.Aashni says i had always used you….understood bl**dy.Aashni slaps him and beats him with a stick.Aashni shouts i had destroyed your life…for my purpose and you slapped me infront of everyone.Aashni gets angry and evilly laughs like a mad.She breaks a flower vase…throws pillows and bedsheet….she bersecks dressing table and says its enough now….now i will bury everything.She brings kerosene and splashes everywhere in the house.She lights the matchstick and tries to light the house but thinks what is she doing…she can also see jail days in her life for all these.She stops her madness.

Jigar is working on laptop.Kids comes asks jigar for movie.Jigar thinks he is the ruler so he can do anything now.He books special movie tickets.Kids enjoys.Baa sees jigar and smiles and thinks that jigar is such a caring father.Jigar goes with kids.Jigar puts kids alone in movie hall and goes for a meeting.

Aarav delivers food in someone’s house.Aarav thinks “ye sab delivery boy ke naa aane ke wajah se hua…pata nahi kya ulta shidha khaliya”…and now i am delivering food.He says now its turn for Mrs.Jones.He goes.

Gopi and rashi checks urmilla in hospital.Urmilla is shown lying on hospital bed.Gopi reminsces her old days with urmilla.Rashi cries but calms gopi.Aarav comes to Orion hospital to deliver lunch to a doctor.Gopi crosses towards aarav buts light goes off.Gopi torches her phone.Aarav too torches her phone.Gopi feels weird.Aarav feels weird too.Special effects are shown and saathiya tune plays and screen freezes.

Precap-Kids cries where is jigar.Niharika takes care of all kids….Gopi prays to god for urmilla’s health.Aarav says may god bless her mom.He leaves.Gopi hears it and says its ahem’s voice.She turns…

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Saurav drinking thinking of urmila’s condition.even tho he cheated her he luvs his mother.u showed mother son purity.Aashni takes urmila’s jewellery.Saurav slapped her in anger.But aashni said it was their plan due 2 which they came.then y saurav changed now?Poor saurav.aashni hurt him a lot n even tried 2 kill him when he was unconscious.but luckily she backed off scared of jail.oh..gohem didnt c each other due 2 d precap gopi heard his 4 their meeting

  2. Very good update! I get a feeling dat gopi will find ahem dis time….

  3. Sarayu(honey)

    Superb episode

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