Saathiya ek nayi kahani Season 2 (Part- 1)

Hey guys….today is the leap day of my ff with several changes….pls.share the comments below…

10 years later…

Mumbai is shown after 10 years.Modi mansion is shown.3 long cars comes to modi mansion.Kokila and hetal comes out of the first car.Kokila is shown in simple makeup wearing blue and white cotton sari and pearl jewelleries.Hetal comes out and she is shown in orange saree with specs and hair pony tail.Kokila says i am pretty excited to see our newly renovated house.Hetal says me too.Kokila says motabhabi we came here after 3 months.In farmhouse…i always feel when we will go to our own house and see today we came.Hetal says home sweet home.They laughs.Parag and chirag comes out of the 2nd car having their regular look.Parag says were is gopi.Kokila says she and rashi came earlier to decorate the house.Jigar comes out of the car alongwith baa.Jigar is shown in White blazer and pink shirt having sunglasses and new brown hairstyle.Jigar takes out baa.Baa is shown in without pallu in head wearing a white and gold sari.Jigar takes out his tab and goes for a meeting without talking to anyone.Hetal says after that incident jigar is changed a lot.

They all stands at the door step and kokila opens the door.They all get glad seeing their newly renovated house which painted green and white with a modern look…new furnitures…Kokila tries to cross doorstep but gopi stops her.Gopi smiles carrying gravapravesh thali.Gopi is shown in white chiffon saree…sleeveless blouse wearing diamond mangalsutra…long diamond earrings and pearl watch…open slightly curly brown hairs.Gopi does their gravapravesh and they all enters.Gopi asks where is devar ji.Hetal says dikra he goes for a meeting.Gopi says okay.

Kokila says gopi bahu where are kids.Gopi says maaji their playing in the terrace.Kokila says okay.Rashi comes and with her tab and says how is our new house.Kokila says its beautiful and goes to see mandir which was light green painted.Rashi is shown in sleeveless purple churidar and long earring and mangalsutra and diamond bracelet and watch with open straight hairs alongwith black modern spectacles.

Gopi and rashi’s kids are playing hide and seek in terrace.A girl is shown counting 1-100.She says i am coming.Another girl is shown to hide but that girl sees her shadow.She says i find you Aanya.Aanya says di how you found me so easily.She says because i am your sister.Aanya says thats not fair.That girl laughs.Two boys are quarelling that di will find you..he says no you.The girl comes and says i found you Yuvik and Harsh.They says oh no!!…Gopi shouts Niharika.Niharika’s face is shown.Aanya says mamma is calling you di.She goes.Kokila sees the kids coming downstairs.Niharika says dadi and hugs her.Kokila hugs all kids.Gopi and rashi smiles.

Gopi gets a call from urmilla.Urmilla is shown wearing indo western dress and long hairs.Gopi says yes mom.(Urmilla talking style is changed)…Urmilla says hi gops!!!??? Did you came to your house.Gopi says dont worry mom we came earlier.Urmilla says no no i am not worried you no naa if i get worried somehow i get skinny.Gopi laughs.Urmilla says and were is rash.Gopi says what???????Urmilla says rash means rashi.Gopi says ok mamma i am giving phone to her.Rashi says yes ma.Urmilla says oh no dont call me ma va…just call me Mommy.Rashi says okay mom in a tired manner.They continues talking.

Niharika says mom do you no i got the first prize in debate.Gopi gets glad and hugs her.Gopi asks what was the topic…kokila asks the same.Niharika says “mere papa”.Rashi’s phone falls from her hand in shock.All gets shocked hearing it.Niharika says i are you shocked.I want to tell it papa…please mom.Gopi leaves her and rushes towards her room.Rashi shouts gopi and goes with her.Kokila says did you watch the pool side then go and play.They all goes in fun.Kokila sits on sofa and cries.Hetal comforts her.

Gopi comes to her room and starts crying.Rashi comes and comforts her.Gopi hugs rashi and looks at ahem’s photo with garland and says i miss you sir and scene freezes.

Precap-Rashi comforts gopi and says ahem jiju will never come he left this world.Gopi says no rashi ben i believe that he is alive…yes i know.A man is shown in another country….roaming in the streets via his car and singing “meh laapata”.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    nice starting of season2.guess rashi gopi dressing is modern.Urmila is so interesting n funny.Kids r cute.Did ahem rly die?wha happened in last 10 yrs?Is d guy in d precap Ahem?

    1. Yes…he is ahem but lost his memory…there is a story behind his memory loss….

  2. rianaa I love this story . I have not read seoson one properly but will definitely read this . update next episode soon

    1. Thank you so much….

  3. Okay! Different story…nice to read!☺☺…looking forward for the next one….

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