Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-9)


2 months later…

Gopi wakes up and calls ahem.Ahem receives and greets gopi.Gopi says hi sir, two months have passed and now and i am ok so i want join office from today.Ahem says if you are ok then you can come office from today.Gopi says thanks sir.Ahem says you get ready till 10 am. I will come and receive you.Gopi agrees and cuts call.

Kokila ask ahem where is he going.He says to receive gopi as she she want to join office today.Kokila says thats good.Gopi is too proffesional hetal says.Ahem goes.Gopi is waiting for ahem.Ahem horns in this car so that gopi alerts.Ahem comes and receives gopi.Gopi and ahem leaves for office.

Rashi and jigar is in market for rashi’s shopping.Rashi says today’s too hot.Jigar says even you also looking hot today.Rashi laughs and says lets drink chilled milkshake.They goes to a restaurant.

Ahem and gopi reach office.Gopi slips and bump holding ahem.Shalakha gets shocked seeing ahem and gopi together.Shalakha asks ahem that are you ok.Gopi even ask ahem that is he ok.But ahem answer to gopi that he is allright.Ahem says gopi i have an important meeting in a caring manner ans says your cabin is at 5th floor.Gopi says ok sir.Ahem leaves.Ahem asks shalakha to come with me as you will show me today’s schedule.

Gopi goes to her cabin and gets happy seeing her renovated cabin.She sees fresh roses and thinks about ahem and sees a small kanha ji idol.She prays to kanha ji and starts checking files.

Rashi orders a 2 strawberry milkshake but waiter says sorry but only 1 milkshake is there as strawberry are finished.Jigar says its ok we will share it.Waiter brings milkshake they starts drinking in one glass.Jigar and rashi smiles.

Kokila ask hetal that gopi is a well mannered girl,How she would be for ahem.Hetal says it would be great.Kokila says should i talk to urmila.Hetal says ofcourse you should.Kokila says then we should ask ahem first then i will go to urmila with this proposal.Hetal and kokila smiles and scene freezes.

Precap-Kokila ask ahem as he want to marry gopi or not.Ahem feels shy and smiles.Kokila understoods and gets happy.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Awsome you write such a great story that i am speechless and the best thing about your story is that there is no negitivity except Kinjal

  2. jasmine Rahul

    gopi back 2 work.gopi falling n holding ahem was romantic.RaJi talk abt hot so so cute.they shared d same , romantic.kokila plans 2 get ahem married 2 gopi.will that happen easily?

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