Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-8)


In the hospital,kokila,hetal and jigar comes.Kokila sees urmila and hugs her.Urmila says kokila my gopi….and cries.Kokila says she will be alright.Ahem gets sad seeing gopi’s condition.Hetal asks ahem that what doc. told.Ahem says that gopi had severe leg injury.Urmila cries vigoursly.

Jigar sees rashi and ask her to calm down.Rashi says how can i come down,my sister is injured.Jigar hold her and says your tears will not cure gopi but your prayers will.Rashi hugs jigar.Jigar feels something for rashi.Rashi feels shy and goes to pray.

Doc. comes and says 3 hours had passed but gopi is still unconsious.We are trying our best.Ahem pushes doc. and goes to cabin.Doc. tries to stop but rashi requests doc.let him go.Doc. agrees.Ahem tries wakes up gopi.Rashi and jigar also goes.Ahem calls gopi..gopi..gopi wake up pls.Rashi cries and says gopi pls. wake up.Ahem says gopi i am your boss and its my order you will wake up now and says pls. open your eyes.Gopi opens her eyes.Rashi sees gopi waking up and says gopi becomes consious.Ahem gets happy.kokila,hetal and urmila comes.Ahem tries to hug her but stops and says gopi how are you feeling??? Rashi question the same.Doc. comes and says now you are ok.Gopi says sir you are here.Ahem says the whole incident to gopi.Rashi says gopi ahem had help us in your recovery.Gopi says thankyou sir.Urmila hugs gopi.Gopi says mom i am alright and tries to walk but falls.Ahem holds her.Gopi gets shy.Ahem and gopi get into an eyelock.Doc. says you need bed for 2 months then you will be perfect.Gopi says 2 months, but doc. I have attend my office tomorrow onwards.Ahem says you dont have to worry for that.Ahem calls gopi’s boss and says she will come from 2 months later on as she met with an accident.Boss agrees.Gopi smiles seeing ahem.

Ahem says fine now i leaving and ask gopi’s no. he ask for official use but actually to talk with her.Gopi gives him the number.Ahem says goodbye and leaves.Hetal & kokila leaves for home.Jigar also takes rashi’s number and also leaves.Urmila takes rashi and gopi to home.Rashi sits beside gopi and ask her for bed rest.Gopi sleeps and thinks about ahem.Gunja sa hai koi ik taara plays…Ahem comes next day to visit gopi.Gopi sees ahem and smiles.They starts their conversation.At night ahem messages gopi good night.Gopi replies good night with a smilie.Jigar and rashi starts doing chatting with each other.Jigar funs with rashi.Days passes.Song ends and scene freezes showing gopi & ahem,rashi & jigar chatting to each other.

Precap-After 2 months, gopi comes to office.Ahem comes with her.Ahem says slowly.Gopi slips and bumps on ahem romantically.Shalakha gets shocked.Rashi and jigar is shown drinking strawberry milkshake in one glass with two straws.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Jigar consoling Rashi..the hug were emotional.Ahem trying 2 wake up Gopi was touchy.Gohem eye lock,ahem holding her hand were romantic.Gohem n RaJi getting closer.nice

  2. This story is soo nice than the previous one. I hate watching nonsenses drama creating by gaura.

    1. Yah even i also hate that stupid gaura drama…thanks for commenting

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