Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-7)

Ahem is shown driving the car.He sees the steering wheel is getting jammed and worries.Gopi and rashi are going via auto.Gopi says rashiben which movie we should see english or hindi.Rashi jokes tamil.Gopi laughs.Rashi says gopi we reached.Rashi gives auto fare and leaves with gopi.Rashi is in front and gopi is back.Suddenly ahem’s car comes in a hilarious speed.Public people starts shouting to stop car.Ahem sees car is out of control.Gopi sees the car will hit rashi.She runs and saves rashi by pushing her from the road.Gopi sees the car and shouts.The car hits Gopi.Rashi scream gopi.ahem gets shocked.The car stops somehow by ahem’s efforts.

Urmilla does puja but the flame of the puja pradip blows off.Urmila scares.Kokila and hetal gets worried.Baa cries for ahem.Kokila says her to calm down.Jigar says we have to do something.Jigar goes to find ahem.kokila prays to god.

Rashi and people comes towards gopi.Ahem comes out of his car.Rashi shouts for help.Someone says i think she is spot dead.Rashi says to shut up.Ahem comes towards gopi.Ahem shouts gopi…gopi…gopi are you ok.Rashi shouts at ahem for driving car so fast.Ahem tells the reason and apologises.Rashi says to take her to hospital.Ahem agrees.Rashi and ahem takes gopi to hospital via taxi.Rashi calls urmila.Urmila receives and gets shocked hearing gopi’s news.Urmila says which hospital.Rashi says Lifeline hospital.Urmila arrives towards hospital.Ahem feels sad for gopi and her to wake up.Ahem sees his phone switched off due to low battery and ask for rashi’s phone to inform his family.Rashi gives him phone.Ahem calls jigar.Jigar receives and says bhai are you ok.Ahem says why didn’t told me about car’s steering wheel.Jigar says sorry bhai.But is everything ok.Ahem informs jigar about gopi’s accident and cuts call.Jigar goes home and says kokila that ahem bhai is fine but gopi.Kokila says what happened to gopi.Jigar says gopi gets hitted by ahem’s car.Kokila and whole family gets shocked.

Ahem and rashi reach hospital.Gopi murmurs rashi ben.Rashi says gopi i am here.Ahem ask a wardboy to bring stretcher.Gopi is shifted to ward.Rashi says i am going to fillng up all formalities.Ahem says Oh god hope she will be ok.Doctor comes and says patient is still unconsious and have a severe leg injury.Doc. says dont says she will be alright.Ahem and rashi gets worried.Urmila comes to rashi and says where is gopi.Rashi says she is getting treatment and in safe zone.Urmila sees ahem and says thankyou for bringing my daughter here.Rashi informs urmila that gopi got hit by ahem’s car.Urmila gets shocked and scolds ahem.Ahem apologise.Scene freezes with ahem worrying for gopi and gopi in injured state.

Precap-Kokila,hetal and jigar comes.Jigar sees rashi and says to calm down.Rashi hugs jigar and cries.Doc. comes and says gopi is still unconsious.Ahem worries.

Credit to: Rianaa


  1. jasmine Rahul

    ahem’s car had limitless speed.gopi saved rashi but she got hit by ahem’s car.Gopi is taken 2 hospital by shem rashi.poor gopi is in danger now

  2. coolhi1988

    gud gng…
    gopi saved rashi.. but she got injured..
    now she is serious…
    continue soon..

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