Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-6)

Kinjal tries to slap to meethi another but gopi holds her hand and ask kinjal to say sorry meethi.Kinjal says she wont and how dare you to hold my hand.Gopi shouts at her and forces to say sorry.Gopi says what you had done is not good at all.I understand meethi had accidently done it but you should be careful.In front of all guests you are insulting her as she is a maid this is really worse.Kinjal gets irked and says sorry meethi.Kokila gets stunned by gopi’s behaviour.Ahem gets impressed by gopi’s daring behaviour.Gopi sees ahem and gets shocked.Gopi apologise to kokila for scolding kinjal.Gopi also says sorry to ahem and says even i dont know you are his brother but when kokila aunty gave introduction i get to know about your identity.Ahem says you had done a good job gopi.As we all got failed to handle kinjal in this condition but you did that.Gopi you are really brave girl ahem says.Gopi feels shy and says thankyou sir.Ahem smiles.Kokila gets delighted by gopi.Party continues.

Its morning,kinjal wakes up from the bed and sees kokila sitting beside her.She says mom.Kokila says her everything about yesterday’s drama and tells about gopi.kinjal acts as she is crying and says my friends forced me to get drunk.Kokila says i understand and says her to come for breakfast.Kokila goes and kinjal closes the door.She smirks and says i had got drunk not because of my friends but for i own wish.She thinks about gopi and gets angry. She throws the bedsheet and pillows and breaks a flower vase.She says how dare that gopi to behave with me like this i will show her the limit.

Gopi is shown getting ready.Rashi is shown reading a book.Gopi says rashi ben which one i should wear today as today is my first day.Rashi says to wear the pink one.Suddenly gopi gets a message that her cabin is renovating so she will come office from tomorrow.She says rashiben my cabin is renovating so i will go from tomorrow.Rashi says then its good lets go for movie.Gopi agrees.

Ahem and jigar comes for breakfast.Kokila says ahem and jigar to wait as breakfast is getting ready.kokila says gopi works in your office.Ahem says she is a new worker but she will come from tomorrow as her cabin is renovating.Kokila says nice.Hetal says breakfast is ready and ask about lunch.kokila says to prepare some kathiawadi dishes today.Hetal agrees.Ahem says mom i am leaving and leaves for office.Jigar gets a reminsces about ahem’s car and says Oh no!!Ahem bhai’s car steering wheel is not working.Everyone gets shocked.Kokila says jigar to call ahem and inform him about this.Jigar calls but says its switched off.Kokila worries.

Precap-Ahem sees steering is not working and tries to stop the car.Gopi and rashi are walking by road.Gopi sees a car and pushes rashi from there.Rashi falls down.Gopi gets bumped by car.Rashi screams gopi.Ahem gets shocked.

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  1. Love it! Kinjal is a negative character in this! Please make Gopi really brave and cunning in this ff. I want her to defend herself against Kinjal.
    By the way guys, my big next part of my ff will be uploaded soon. So much will happen in the ff.
    Riana, please can you read it as well and comment- any improvements as well.

    By the way, thank you for your comments on my fanfiction. My current track will be long but every part will be entertaining!

    1. Sure, thanks for commenting

  2. It will be the biggest twist ever seen on Saath Nibana Saathiya. Years ago, Kahanhi ghar ghar ki did the same storyline and got the highest ratings in the history of indian television!

  3. Sarayu(honey)

    Superb rianaa, it is awesome. Please don’t stop this ff. I love it. Umah

  4. jasmine Rahul

    all r impressed by gopi’s bold avtar.kinjal is really cunning.ahem’s car wheel isnt working.precap is scary.gopi hit by ahem’s car?

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