Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-5)


Kinjal comes downstairs and starts dancing on phatte tak nachna….All the guest gets stunned and shocked by kinjal’s dance.Gopi feels poor while rashi enjoys kinjal’s dance.Kinjal sits in the floor.Kokila makes her stand.Urmila ask kokila that whats going on.Kokila replies kinjal gets drunked.Urmila ask is it her habit to get drunk no anyone forced her.kokila says no its not anyone had forced her to get drunk otherwise she has dare to get drunk in front of me.Meethi comes suddenly with soda bottle.Ahem sprinkles soda on kinjal.

Kinjal feels uncomfortable and falls on ground.She starts to sleep but kokila wakes up her.Kinjal in a drunk state cut the cake and feeds it to herself.Kokila says meethi to distribute the cake.Kokila apologises to guests for her daughter’s behaviour.Kokila requests guests to enjoy some dance performance.Some dancers starts dancing.Ahem imagines dancing with gopi on the song larki beautiful kar gayi chull….Jigar also imagines dancing with rashi on the same song.

Dance performance ends and their imagination breaks.Kinjal goes to meethi and ask her rudely for a juice glass.Meethi brings it for kinjal but accidently it slips from her hand and falls on kinjal’s dress.Kinjal says my dress!!!She shouts meethi you duffer,gawar kahi ki….you have eyes or button cant you see.Meethi says i am sorry its done by mistake.Ahem and kokila scolds kinjal to stop misbehaving.But kinjal says “mistake”!!! and slaps her.Meethi falls on floor.Kokila shouts kinjal.Kinjal laughs and says sorry meethi i had done it by mistake.Everybody gets shocked.

Kinjal tries to slap her another but gopi holds her hands tightly.kinjal and everyone gets shocked.

Precap-Gopi says kinjal to say sorry to meethi.Kinjal says how dare you.Gopi shouts say sorry.Urmila and rashi fears.Ahem gets impressed by gopi.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Actually Kinjal drank or her own or not?Jigar n Ahem imagining dancing with gopi n Rashi on ladki cute..Kinjal misbehaving n gopi stopped her from slapping Meethi.What will happen now?

  2. Please give next part

  3. This is so good honestly. I hope Kinjal does not become a dangerous vamp.

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