Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-4)


Ahem comes home and sees all decoration and says nice decoration.Kokila comes and scolds ahem for being late.He apologizes to kokila and says he was busy in an important meeting.Ahem goes to his room.Kokila and hetal goes to kitchen.Parag and chirag comes and talks with baa.

Its evening,guest starts coming in modi mansion.Baa and kokila welcomes them.Hetal sees food preparation.Urmila and her daughters come.Kokila hugs urmila.Gopi and rashi touch kokila,hetal and baa’s feet.Kokila says to all the guests enjoy the party.Urmila ask where is kinjal? Kokila says she is with her friends.Ahem sees gopi and tries to talk to her but he gets an important call.Jigar sees rashi and says hello.Rashi gets shocked seeing jigar as he says this is my house and kinjal is my cousin sister.Jigar says you are looking beautiful and rashi also replies that him that he is looking handsome.They both smiles.

Some children says kinjal is coming.Kokila says all the guest to hide and says meethi to put lights off.Kinjal comes and sees the lights off.Everyone says happy birthday kinjal and lights put on.Kinjal is shown in a top and mini skirt fully drunked.Everyone gets shocked seeing kinjal drunked.Guests comments on kinjal’s behaviour.Kinjal says “happy birthday to me” and starts laughing.Kokila holds kinjal and says her to come with me.Hetal and ahem also goes with her.kokila brings kinjal in her room.Kinjal says leave me.kokila says shut up.Ahem ask kinjal how did she got drunk.kinjal says my friends got me drunked.Kokila says ahem to do something.Ahem calls meethi to bring soda water from any where.Meethi goes.Gopi thinks if everything is ok.Kinjal forces kokila to leave her hand and goes downstairs.Kokila shouts kinjal.Kinjal orders dj to play the music.She dances on phatte tak nachna….Everyone get shocked.

Precap-kinjal slaps meethi for throwing juice on her dress.Ahem and kokila scolds kinjal.Meethi says its done by mistake.Kinjal goes to slap her another but gopi holds her hand.Kinjal gets shocked.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    RAji scene was cute.Did Gopi see ahem or just Ahem saw her?Kinjal came 4 d party drunk misbehaving.OMG

  2. Loving your serial u should give classes to the writters of saathiya and please keep updating waiting anxiously for the next part

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